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9 Step Guide To Growing Cannabis

Learn how professionals grow the best medical-grade cannabis for patients in Australia. What makes marijuana in Australia different than America?
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Can CBD Oil Treat Parkinson's?

CBD oil is available for patients in Australia, but how well does it treat Parkinson's? We stick to the facts and evidence around CBD oil treating tremors.
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Can CBD Oil Treat Epilepsy and Prevent Seizures?

CBD oil is effective at treating epilepsy and preventing seizures. Medicinal cannabis is legally available for Australian patients with epilepsy and seizures.
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What is the Special Access Scheme?

The Special Access Scheme is a program that allows doctors to prescribe medical marijuana, CBD oil, and THC to patients in Australia.

Why is CBD Oil So Expensive?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is the most popular cannabis medicine, but why is it so expensive? Compared to most medicine, CBD is not as affordable.


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We Asked The World What They Think About Cannabis in Australia

See what everyday other countries think about the marijuana culture in Australia and the future of legal weed. Public opinion is leaning to legal and safe personal use of marijuana.
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South Korea’s Progression On Medical Cannabis

Although South Korea is the first country in East Asia to legalise medical cannabis, why has it not evolved as quickly as it should since its legislation a year ago?
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How To Travel With Medical Marijuana in Australia

How to travel between states with medical marijuana? Cannabis is legal across Australia, but here's what you need to know when travelling with weed in Australia.
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Australian Cannabis Companies to look out for in 2020

Find out what Australian cannabis companies really stand out in 2020. What type of cannabis companies are changing up the medicinal product and hemp industry.