Can CBD Oil Go Through Airport Security?

Can CBD Oil Go Through Airport Security?

Find out if its safe to take CBD oil with you through airport security. The risk and dangers of taking CBD products through the airport onto an airplane. Read More!

It all depends on the way that security checks are screening you, your local legalization laws, and where you live. Beware of drug-sniffing dogs, and always keep your prescription medication in its original packaging.

A drug-sniffing dog (or any other detection tool) is often interested in flowers or buds that smell more pungent and stale.

THC is a component of oil that is not 100% free of THC, regardless of what the manufacturer claims. THC in small amounts will not give off the same smell as dried buds.

CBD oil is made up of two components

The CBD: THC ratio will determine which THC percentage is flagged. If you travel with CBD oil in a ratio of 20 to 1, as I do, it is unlikely that any drug-sniffing dogs will detect the THC.

It is oil, not flowers. It has not been extracted from any plant material, so it doesn’t have an intense aroma. The oil is contained in a container to prevent any slight scents from escaping.

When travelling within Australia or internationally, your prescription must be accompanied. You will also need to keep the CBD oil in the original container.

When asked if you have any drugs, you can show your prescription medicine along with the doctor’s note.

What Does Airport Scanner Look Like?

Because different materials absorb X-rays at different radiation levels, the image displayed on the monitor allows the machine operator to see the contents of your bag.

Items are usually coloured on the monitor based on energy passing through them. This is to represent one of the three main categories:

  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Metal Although the colours used to indicate “inorganic”, “metal” can vary among manufacturers, all Xray systems use orange shades to signify “organic.”

CBD oil brought through airport security will be displayed as organic material.

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