Constance Williams

Constance is a medical journalist that critically analyses and reports on how Australia can benefit from the cannabis industry in the future.

Australia needs a platform to revolutionize the way people access, regard and enjoy legal cannabis for the next decade. More and more Australians are supporting the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, along with legalising cannabis for recreational uses.

Cannabis Place focuses on creating a place that can encourage social awareness with digestible, fun content.

Our team covers various topics and focuses on tracking the progress of change in our society, industries and culture. With the weed revolution at our doorsteps, whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth, visit our website for more news and content right here at Cannabis Place.

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Cannabis has produced Australia's newest Kombucha craze. Hemp seed oil recipe may have medical benefits for diabetes and more.
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South Korea’s Progression On Medical Cannabis

Although South Korea is the first country in East Asia to legalise medical cannabis, why has it not evolved as quickly as it should since its legislation a year ago?
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How To Travel With Medical Marijuana in Australia

How to travel between states with medical marijuana? Cannabis is legal across Australia, but here's what you need to know when travelling with weed in Australia.