Can You Take CBD Oil At Work?

Can You Take CBD Oil At Work?

Medicinal CBD oil is available for patients, but can you take it at work? Will you get fired if you get caught taking CBD oil while working? Learn about medical cannabis at work.

With CBD oil being so new in Australia, a lot of patients are asking, “can you take CBD while at work?” While there may be some Zero Tolerance drug policies at workplaces, can CBD oil affect your work performance?

  • Many workplaces adopt a ‘Zero Tolerance’ drug in Australia that prohibits the use of cannabis at work.
  • CBD oil may show up on drug tests, but most workplace tests look for THC.
  • CBD doesn’t impair your ability to drive, and in most situations, it won’t affect your ability to work.
  • CBD oil can be taken while at work. If you are unsure of how it may affect your work, a discussion with your doctor’s discussion will clarify this.
  • Each region, employer and medical condition is different, so only your doctor should be able to answer whether or not you can take CBD oil at work.

CBD exhibits no intoxicating effects that may stop you from being able to work, drive, think, and function on a day-to-day basis.

People are searching for information around taking CBD oil at work, but the laws don’t make it clear. Can you get fired for taking CBD at work?

We understand that CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is a schedule 4 drug in Australia. For government jobs, especially at the federal level, taking a schedule 4 drug is prohibited.

To further this, THC is a schedule 8 drug that affects your ability to work, drive, think, and perform at the office.

So on paper, every drug, pain killer, and over-the-counter headache medicine, including CBD oil, will be prohibited.

You can discuss your medical condition and CBD oil while working and its non-intoxicating effects that do not inhibit your ability to work with your employer. You do, however, have the right to privacy.

No law says you have to share a diagnosis, but you may need to discuss medication and how it will affect your work with your doctor.

USA Today covered the regular use of CBD oil in the office. It’s even causing a lot of confusion in North America where CBD is easily accessible. Use cases show that people are able to work effectively while taking CBD oil.


Will I get fired if I take CBD oil while at work? Should I discuss this with my employer?

CBD oil is a non-intoxicating medicine that should not impair your ability to work effectively.

The Australian government lists CBD oil as a schedule 4 drug, and depending on your work, you may need to disclose your use of CBD while working.

In government positions with a ‘Zero Tolerance’ for drug use while at work, you cannot take CBD oil.

There is no black and white answer to “can you take CBD while at work” or “will I get fired if I take CBD at the office”, but open communication with your doctor and employer will allow you to understand any implications.

Use cases in North America where CBD oil is available over the counter without a prescription have found that employees taking CBD while working does not negatively impact their performance.

Cannabis does not have the exact answer for this as it varies per region and employer, but you can discuss this with you doctor, employer or local government to get the right answer for you.

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