Cannabidiol Withdrawals: What Happens When You Stop Taking CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol Withdrawals: What Happens When You Stop Taking CBD Oil?

Does CBD oil cause withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it? Learn what happens when you take CBD oil for a prolonged period of time, then suddenly stop!

Medicinal cannabis has only recently become legal in Australia, so there are many questions people have around the two main medicines: CBD oil and THC oil.

The most common questions are “can I drive after taking CBD oil?” and “what happens if I stop taking CBD oil?”

First of all, what is CBD oil? Well, CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol is the most popular extract from the cannabis plant. Its popularity is due to its therapeutic effects and that it does not get you “high”.

There are different types of CBD oil](/learn/different-types-of-cbd-oil) that include:

  • CBD Isolate: pure concentrated CBD oil
  • CBD full spectrum: a natural extract that includes other cannabis compounds
  • CBD Broad Spectrum: a natural extract that includes all other cannabis compounds except THC

What Happens When I Stop Taking CBD Oil?

CBD oil acts as a supplement that our bodies adapt to after taking it for long periods of time.

When patients take CBD oil for more than three months, our bodies then enter into a homeostasis state. Hemostasis is our body’s ability to maintain a stable internal state that functions and operates appropriately in order for us to survive.

What does this mean? Well, our bodies adapt to the new normal, and that new normal includes CBD oil in our body as we take it on a regular basis. Our body expects CBD oil to be found in our diet.

So what then happens if we stop taking CBD oil? Does our body start going into withdrawals?

The worst kind of withdrawal symptoms are from heavy drugs or alcohol, and these include:

  • headaches and dizziness
  • difficulties breathing
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach aches
  • excessive sweating
  • joint pains, muscle aches, tremors and muscle tension

Pretty scary stuff! So will you have any of these withdrawal symptoms from CBD oil after you stop taking it? The short answer is, no, there should be no new pains, aches, or withdrawal-like symptoms.

What will happen is the resurgence of any previous symptoms that CBD oil treated. So if you had joint pains and migraines, then within a few days or a week after stopping CBD oil, you will start to see these symptoms creep up again.

Another example would be when patients take CBD oil to relieve back pain to get a better nights sleep. When you stop taking CBD oil, that pain will re-appear and may cause sleep apnea again.

While there are no significant side-effects or withdrawal symptoms, when you stop taking CBD oil, you will experience a resurgence of any symptoms that CBD oil treated.

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