Is CBD Oil Available In Melbourne?

Is CBD Oil Available In Melbourne?

Medicinal cannabis is available in Melbourne, but how can Australians gain access to CBD oil? Local Doctors and Clinics are able to prescribe CBD oil.

Medicinal Cannabis has been available and promoted in Melbourne since 2017, but how can patients access Cannabidiol (CBD) oil?

CBD oil is legal and available with a prescription in Melbourne. Melbourne has the first cannabis CBD oil dispensary. Doctors, GPS and medicinal cannabis clinics prescribe all forms of CBD to patients with an existing medical condition.

So with all the hype and excitement around this new medical marvel, why haven’t we seen more people jump on the CBD train?

Initially there were a lot of restrictions around who gets access to medicinal cannabis, but from 2020 onwards, access to CBD oil has never been easier in Victoria.

For everyone in Melbourne looking find out if medicinal CBD oil is available, it is!

You are eligible with an existing medical conditional, and the most common conditions for patients in Melbourne that have been prescribed CBD oil are:

  • epilepsy
  • arthritis
  • sleep apnea
  • chronic pain
  • chronic fatigue
  • spinal injury
  • depression
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s

The Releaf Medicinal Cannabis Clinic in Melbourne is the latest and most exciting medical clinic and dispensary for marijuana in Australia.

What Medicinal CBD Oil Is Available?

There are a few different types of medicinal CBD oil that is available from your doctor and pharmacist in Melbourne.

The summary of this is: pure CBD extract, a natural combination of CBD and other cannabis compounds, and a mixture of both.

There are three main types of CBD oil available in Victoria; Broad Sprectrum CBD, CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD oil available is the most common medicinal CBD oil:

  • CBD
  • THC
  • THCa
  • CBG
  • CBN
  • CBC
  • THCv
  • CBDa

The Full Spectrum CBD oil gives you are complete cannabis therapeutic experience. It is the most preferred choice as its simple combination of cannabis compounds.

There are also VIC based medicinal cannabis manufacturers that ship directly to customers in Sydney.

CBD Isolate oil is for patients needing more concentrated CBD effects. It extracts the single cannabidiol (CBD) compound and creates an isolate that is used for more concetrated CBD therapeutic effects.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil combines the benefits of the full spectrum and CBD isolate oils into one. The Broad Spectrum oil is the most popular CBD medicine in Perth.

There are a wide range of CBD oil products, and your doctor will work with you to find the best CBD medicine that suits your medical condition.

What Do I Do If My GP Doesn’t Prescribe CBD Oil?

Not long ago, the discussion of marijuana as a medicine was very HUSH HUSH, and patients had no way to access medicinal CBD oil, even if their health was going to be negatively effected because of it.

Nowadays, the Victorian and Melbourne government fully supports the use of CBD oil to treat medical conditions for patients in need.

There are still a lot of doctors that either refuse medicinal cannabis or have simply yet to learn about the positive effects.

The Good News! You can consult with medicinal cannabis clinics over the phone to find out what options are available for you to be able to discuss your medicinal CBD oil needs with a trained health professional.

Train health professionals take you comfortably through the medicinal cannabis and CBD oil journey.

CBD oil is available through a prescription from your doctor in Melbourne.


Medicinal cannabidiol (CBD) oil is available in Melbourne at dispensaries and pharmacies with a prescription from your doctor.

You can receive a prescription to CBD oil medicine from a doctor, GP or medicinal cannabis clinic in Melbourne.

Your doctor will prescribe you one of the three CBD oil products available in Melbourne, and these include:

  • Full spectrum CBD oil
  • Broad spectrum CBD oil
  • CBD isolate oil

The Melbourne and Victorian government fully support patients and health professionals with the legal and safe use of CBD oil.

It has never been so easy to gain access to medicinal CBD oil through medical clinics, local GPs and online medical clinics.

In the next few years, we see new kinds of CBD oil products becoming available, more affordable prices and even becoming available behind the counter at local Melbourne pharmacies or chemists.

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