CA Clinic: Brisbane

CA Clinic: Brisbane

Your guide to Brisbane's CA Clinics, a review and research into their processes, services, marijuana products and more.

CA Clinics, previously known as Cannabis Access Clinics, is a leading national provider of medicinal cannabis treatment services for suitable patients.

The CA Clinics were one of the first clinics to open up in Brisbane in 2018.

Located in Belmont, they are one of the most experienced cannabis clinics in Queensland that prescribe medical marijuana for patients with chronic conditions.

UPDATE: CA Clinics provide care to patients Australia wide via our Telehealth and in-clinic services. During the Covid-19 period, we are operating using our Telehealth services and will re-open our expanding number of clinics in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as soon as practical. Please call for re-opening dates.

CA Clinics support Australia’s rural and remote patients by providing Bulk Billed access to convenient, quick and quality, Telehealth model of specialist care.

CA Clinics offer COMPLIMENTARY screenings for patients throughout Australia. Take the eligibility test to see if you qualify for medicinal marijuana here!

The GPs and Specialists at CA Clinics are experienced Authorised Prescribers of commonly prescribed medications and will seek approval for other medications as needed.

Note: Cannabis is an unregistered medicine that is only available vai the TGA’s Special Access Scheme. Only a doctor can decide if you will be eligible for medical cannabis therapy.

The patient’s journey to medicinal marijuana

1) The referral

To set an appointment with Brisbane’s CA Clinic, you will need to:

  • obtain a referral from your doctor
  • provide a health summary from your doctor
  • fill in the Patient Qualification form online

Preparing the above is to speed up the assessment and document collection process.

The staff will need this information to also help you apply for the SASB form. This is a government form requesting approval for the treatment of medical cannabis.

2) The consultation

It all starts with a phone call. They will walk you through the patient’s journey to accessing medicinal marijuana.

You will then proceed to meeting one of the trained doctors to discuss your medical condition and cannabis treatment.

Try writing down all your questions ahead of time, so you can have the doctor answer them during your first consultation.

The clinic process typically follows:

  • Phone interview
  • Initial consultation
  • Application approval (approx. 7-14 days)
  • Follow-up consultation
  • Prescription and ordering your medicinal cannabis

You can also list your nominated pharmacy. Most cannabis products are sent directly to your home address.

In the near future pharmacies may stock medicinal cannabis products.

3) The prescription

Once approved, the doctor will write up a prescription for the recommended medical cannabis treatment.

The pharmacy will order the product from their supplier.

The medication dispensed to you can be from a preferred pharmacy.

Setting up regular appointments to with the doctor over the phone to ensure your dosage is accurate and to receive additional prescriptions.

Reviews for CA Clinics Brisbane:

The CA Clinics is one of first locations in Brisbane that can prescribe medical marijuana to patients.

The application process through the government doesn’t always make this easy, but the staff ensure that you are well informed, and they will guide you through the journey.

“Better admin, more accurate advice on costs and number of consultations required and better communication needed”

“I’m very grateful to be in correspondence with C.A.C and think they are doing a grate job for people & myself. Thank you so much for everything the doctor and staff have been helpful and understanding threw the process thus far. Much appreciation to the clinic’s worker’s.”

Price to gain access to medicinal cannabis

The costs to gain access to medicinal cannabis is standard across most clinics. Prices may change over time.

  • Phone consultation: $0.00
  • initial medical cannabis consultation: $99.00
  • Follow up consultation: $49.00
  • Follow up general consultation: $49.00

Unfortunately, the majority of private health funds and Medicare do not cover the consultations and medical prescription fees, in most costs.

CA Clinics provide a quick phone consultation to guide you through the patient journey. They are not affiliated with any cannabis products or pharmacies. The staff will assist you with the application forms (SASB) to get approved quickly. You can use your preferred medical cannabis pharmacy.

Company Information
Products: Oils & Dry Herb
Cost: $4-15 per day
Ratings: 2.9/5 Stars (10 Reviews)
Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM
Clinic Phone: 1300 991 477
Address: 185 Belmont Rd, Belmont QLD 4153

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