Cannabis Breeder Jobs

Cannabis breeders are master growers and create the perfect hybrid cannabis plants for medicinal treatment. They are understand strains and cannabis species.

Cannabis breeders are experts in growing, cultivating and creating the perfect strain of marijuana.

They are experienced in all things Cannabis species and how to utilise them for medicinal use.

Working with a larger team, they understand the business and medical requirements and are able to research into the perfect strains that will match the products they are creating.

Creating Sativa hybrid strains to combat depression and chronic fatigue.

Creating Indica hybrid strains to combat epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety and sleep apnea.

Cannabis species are more complicated than most people understand. This makes Cannabis breeders highly sought after in Australia.

Cannabis Breeders job summary

Cannabis breeders usually have a background in agriculture, horticulture or other similar areas. A university degree or other formal study is usually preferred, however, industry experience can push you past these requirements due to the high demand.

Cannabis Security Jobs require:

  • Licensed and trained as a security guard
  • Ability to work night shifts
  • Able to undergo training on cannabis security procedures and regulations

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