Bush VS Hydro: The Difference Between Growing Hydro and Bush Weed

Bush VS Hydro: The Difference Between Growing Hydro and Bush Weed

Growing marijuana plants artificially indoors is considered 'hydro', and growing outdoors is bush weed. Which is better? Bush marijuana vs hydro cannabis grown indoors may produce different yields and CBD or THC concentration.

The most common form of marijuana grown for personal and recreational use, whether illegal or legal, is hydroponics (hydro) and outdoors (bush weed).

The most common marijuana is soil-based, is legal to grow in Canberra, grows outdoors, and is generally called “bush weed”. The alternative to bush weed is hydro marijuana, it’s grown indoors, uses a controlled environment with artificial lights and fans, and has a higher potency.

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Indoors Hydro and Outdoors Bush Weed

Bush weed has been widespread for a very long time, and it’s a simple soil-based outdoor growing solution.

You can use any strain to grow bush weed, but certain types are more resistant to the elements than others.

Hydro marijuana is grown artificially indoors using sophisticated lighting, cooling, and ventilation system.

The Australian government considers hydro to be more illegal as it’s been closely related to the intent to sell and distribute.

The most potent weed is grown in a controlled environment, so people tend to choose hydro to grow their marijuana plants.

Bush weed can still grow competitively potent marijuana strains, but it’s a bit more random and uncontrolled.

The main reason anyone is growing marijuana or weed plants is to use it for recreational or medicinal use.

The two favourite cannabis compounds are THC and CBD, where THC gives you that nice intoxicating feeling, and CBD is relaxing, calming, and a bit more medicinal.

Hydro is the growing option of choice for marijuana as it lets you choose any strain and control the growth and maturing phases each step of the way.

People also tend to want to keep their plants private, away from any public onlookers.

As we have seen in 2020, Australia can go between droughts, fires, and floods within a short period, so managing your plant’s growing environment is crucial.

The Plant Textures Are Different

Growing marijuana indoors with hydro and outdoors with bush can create different textures on the flower (Bud).

This differs by the strain, but marijuana hydro grown indoors tends to be stickier than bush weed is grown outdoors.

The reason around this could be the controlled humid environment created with hydro plants keeps the flowers moist during the growing process.

Bush weed’s flowers then tend to be a little dryer and might not be as potent.

The Smell is Different

Marijuana has a strong smell that certainly attracts a lot of attention.

The smell itself generally comes from the flower (bud), and the more potent and stickier the resin, the strong the scent.

Hydro is known to create marijuana buds that have a far stronger smell than bush weed.

People often associate the smell with the potency of marijuana, but this has not been scientifically proven.

The Potency is Different

Its common knowledge that hydro produces stronger and more potent marijuana than bush weed, but is this true?

We did some digging into the science, and it may be true!

You can grow any cannabis strain outdoors as bush weed and indoors as hydro, and they could come out the same.

Roughly the same amount of THC and CBD extracted from the bud, so does that mean they are the same?

Well, hydro is favoured for its consistency in being about to bring out the best in every strain.

You can grow the same weed strain outdoors, and five times out of ten, it comes out perfectly with a high CBD and THC ratio.

The difference is that hydro could consistently do this ten out of ten times with the correctly controlled environment.

So the potency depends on the environment’s ability to bring out the best in the weed plant, and hydro indoors easily beats outdoors’ bush weed.


Bush weed is a more traditional, “old school”, soil-based outdoor growing solution.

Hydro is a more modern method of growing marijuana indoors using a controlled and well-ventilated environment.

You can grow any strain indoors as hydro or outdoors as bush weed, but hydro is preferred due to its controlled environment.

Hydro allows you to control the growing and maturing process of the plant. This then brings out the best in the strain’s THC and CBD potential.

The choice is yours, but the government enforces strict rules in Canberra, ACT so that people can only grow up to four plants per household outdoors (bush weed).

Hydro and any form of indoor growing are still considered illegal in Canberra.

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