What is the Special Access Scheme?

What is the Special Access Scheme?

The Special Access Scheme is a program that allows doctors to prescribe medical marijuana, CBD oil, and THC to patients in Australia.

The Special Access Scheme (SAS) is a government program that allows doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis, including CBD, THC, and flowers (bud).

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) provides support to doctors and patients in gaining access to medicinal products that aren’t available through general prescriptions.

The Special Access Scheme includes:

  • SAS A (patients that are seriously ill)
  • SAS B (general applications)
  • SAS C

The steps to accessing the Special Access Scheme is to first speak with your local doctor; then when they are happy to prescribe marijuana, they can help you fill out the required forms that will allow you to gain access to medicinal cannabis.

Doctors can prescribe CBD and THC cannabis products once they have submitted and received approval for the Special Access Scheme forms.

What is the Special Access Scheme (SAS) A?

This is for patients that are seriously ill. This allows patients with cancer and other serious medical conditions to access marijuana easily.

The SAS A program can easily grant access to medical marijuana for illnesses that have a high risk of death.

What is the Special Access Scheme (SAS) B?

This is the most commonly used SAS form in which patients that are not seriously ill will require medicinal cannabis for medical and therapeutical purposes.

Patients that have the following medical conditions can apply with the SAS B form:

  • epilepsy
  • arthritis
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • multiple sclerosis

And much more!

Doctors need to justify the use of medicinal marijuana for medical treatment. They are showing that alternatives either have not worked or medicinal cannabis is the right choice for the patient.

Once approved for SAS B, patients will require regular checkups. This is important for doctors to find the right ratio of CBD and THC for patients.


The Special Access Scheme allows doctors to prescribe medicinal marijuana products that include:

  • CBD oil
  • THC
  • Flower and herb (bud)
  • wafers, capsules, pills, etc.

Patients can work with their local GP to decide whether medicinal cannabis is the right treatment.

Doctors can then work with the patient to fill out a Special Access Scheme form that will be approved by the government.

The most common schemes are SAS A, SAS B, and then SAS C.

The doctors justify the medical treatment of cannabis, the government approves, and the patients can receive a prescription of marijuana products.

They will then need a regular checkup to review the effects of medicinal cannabis and to adjust the ratio prescribed to the patient.

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