Guide To Vaping Cannabis: Bongs VS Vaporizers

Guide To Vaping Cannabis: Bongs VS Vaporizers

Vaping VS Bongs - which one is better for your health or high? Learn about vapes and bongs, and make an educated decision about which one to use. Vaprozing marijuana, cannabis or weed in Australia is easier than bong hits!

With so much hype around cannabis in Australia, people are moving away from bongs and towards vaping as the newer and safer way to consume marijuana.

In this article we are introducing vaping with weed, using bongs to smoke, and the top five reasons why more Australians are switching from bongs to vaporizers.

Whether its medical legal weed or recreation use, the general recommendation is to use a vaporizer for your weed as bongs can be as harmful as smoking.

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Introduction To Vaping and Weed

Vaping is one of the ways of taking weed. Even though it has existed for quite some time, it did not get the attention that it deserved instantly. However, things changed with the conception of modern forms of vaping, which sparked debate.

Vapes use a pretty basic approach. Just like the name suggests, heat is applied to a liquid which forms vapour as you vape. You are then supposed to inhale the steam.

The vapour inhaled usually has no smell and cannot, therefore, be easily recognized. People have turned to vaping for several reasons that will we will look at in the course of our discussion.

The number is still rapidly increasing, owing to the overwhelming reception from people. This has made the vaporizer industry pretty saturated since everybody wants to have a taste and reap huge profits.

There are vaping joints and online stores where you can get excellent vaporizers to colour your herb intake. You will also get different vaping liquids to use.

Over the years, vaporizers have significantly evolved. We have seen different designs and shapes. Nowadays, it can be quite hard to identify one since some even come in the form of a pen.

Most people prefer the vape pen since it is not only easy to use but also pretty discreet. Vaping allows you to get the full benefits of weed without putting your lungs at risk.

Instead of smoking, you will be inhaling vapour, which is pretty safe. It carries mild effects that you should strive to experience.

Collection of vaporizers
Collection of vaporizers

You can choose to vape dry herbs. The vaping device usually has a battery and internal coils that drive up the process.

There is a chamber where the oil or the dry herb will get heated. Whatever you place in the chamber will be heated until it produces vapour. However, you will not see any smoke or pungent smell emanating.

This vapour comes with all the pure compounds of cannabis, including THC, which is responsible for the high effect. You will also thoroughly enjoy CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

The vapour produced is generally more refreshing than the smoke produced when smoking a joint or using a bong. Utilizing a vaporizer to heat the dry herb or liquid oil into vapour also eliminates all the toxins, leaving you with a safe alternative.

The lungs are more receptive to the vapour produced, which is why marijuana lovers who have sensitive lungs are advised to vape.

When you use a vaping device to take your weed, be ready to experience a different flavour that you cannot achieve from smoking, Vaping offers you a rich, smooth, and amazing flavour that has no smoky effects or feel in it.

Remember, you will still get high or even higher than the person using a bong or smoking a joint. This explains why several people are turning to vape.

Most people who vape have reported feeling the head high, which is quite different from the body high. The head high occurs when your creative thoughts, perception, aroma, taste, and other cerebral properties are amplified. You will, therefore, end up feeling intensely delightful.

This does not rely on the strain or concentration of the weed.

Also, when you choose to vape, the resultant vapour will have high concentrations of different compounds. Several compounds will be retained as opposed to thorough combustion, which does away with specific cannabis compounds that you love.

All the terpenes will be converted into a breathable form. You will enjoy all the terpenes and oils, and won’t have a light-headed feeling after you are done with your intake. Vaping has indeed revolutionized weed intake.

Introduction To Bongs and Weed

Bongs have been around from time immemorial. They are widespread and are used for smoking any desired substance. They existed long before vaporizers came up and have now served the market for centuries.

Just like vapes, bongs have also evolved. A majority of herb smokers mostly use bongs for their daily supply of cannabis. I am pretty sure that you will quickly recognize one when you see it.

Most, if not all, bongs are made of glass or acrylic. To allow you to inhale the smoke, they usually have a large protruding pipe that is easily visible.

If you want something simple, you can get a bong with a mouth price, chamber, stem, and a bowl. The bowl in such models is made of metal to allow for heating of the cannabis.

When you use a bong, you will be inhaling large amounts of smoke directly to your lungs. When you punch a bong, the herb inside will combust, releasing the cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and all the other compounds in the smoke.

Like regular smokers, you will inhale this smoke and release it when you want to take another pull or after it has settled. There are different models, depending on what you want.

You can opt for a regular glass pipe, which will give out potent and super-concentrated hits, just that your lungs may feel the impact.

To be on the safer side, some bongs use water. This water cools the smoke and filter out different harmful compounds, giving you a refreshing experience when you smoke.

Smoking from a bong
Smoking from a bong

When you use the bong to smoke weed, the smoke will have a pungent aroma or the usual smell that you experience when you smoke a joint.

Most people who use bongs to intake their weeds experience the body high, where your head feels cloudy, whereas your muscles are pretty relaxed.

Most of the time, you will pass out on the couch or stay there resting, having a fantastic experience. This is a little different from the head high, but it comes with several pros.

This type of high usually benefits people battling depression, anxiety, or pain. Your body will be in this state for around four hours, after which the effects will wane, bringing you back to your normal state.

Bongs are generally bigger than the vaporizers. Therefore, they are mostly left inside the room or your smoking chamber. You will attract excessive attention when you choose to smoke with your bong in public.

To produce the type of smoke that will get you high, you have to step up your weed input. You will end up buying more weed to achieve a resultant high effect.

Top 5 reasons why you should change from Bong to Vaporizers

There are too many reasons why vaping cannabis, herb or oil, has become the most popular way to consume cannabis. But we have taken the 5 best reasons to change from bongs to vaporizers in Australia.

5) Vaporizers do not smell as much as Bongs.

Dry Herb Vaporizers
Dry Herb Vaporizers

You need to switch instantly to avoid the strong smell that emanates from stale water bong. Well, this does not mean that vaporizers are entirely smell free.

The vapour may have a characteristic aroma, but not as intense or pungent as one from a bong. Also, when you use vaporizers, you can stay rest assured that your room won’t have the resultant cannabis smell floating around the air.

Another good thing about using a vape is that when the temperature is low, the vaping machine produces a sweet vapour with no strong stench.

At this temperature, you will not be able to see the clouds, which becomes more visible as the temperature goes up.

You can expect a herbal aroma as you vape, but this won’t stay longer. If you still have problems with the smell emanating, you can resort to using a dab pen.

You won’t also have to deal with bong breath when you choose to vape. The smoke emanating from the bong will leave you will a bad smell in your mouth or even stain your teeth.

You can imagine just how uncomfortable it will be when you are around living with someone who does not smoke. Pathetic, right?

Cannabis causes xerostomia, which is the dry feeling in your mouth once you smoke. This is caused by a reduced or absent saliva flow.

When there is less saliva in your mouth, odour-causing bacteria find the best climate to settle. Your mouth will end up reeking marijuana smoke long after you are done smoking and going about your daily business.

You do not have to go through all these when you choose a vaporizer.

Instead of a strong, mouthy odour, you will mostly end up with only a terpy residue, which is not easily noticeable. You don’t have to brush or chew gum to suppress the smell.

4) Vaporizers are portable

Cannabis Vape Pens
Cannabis Vape Pens

You can bring along your vape anywhere you go. If you like, you can go to the beach and get baked without anyone noticing.

In case you are wondering how to keep in mind that vaping is discreet. You will not draw any attention or give anybody a reason to call authorities on you.

If you love getting high on the go, you really need a switch. First, vapes do not smell as intensely as bongs.

You will not suffocate the people around you with cannabis smell as you go about your business.

Most people argue that using edibles can be a better option than coming along with a vaporizer.

While we cannot overrule this assertion, most bong users experience a tough time when switching or starting on edibles.

You definitely know that there are several types of vapes.

When discussing portability, we do not include the great mechanical vapes, which are often referred to as desktop vapes. Smoking from a super-colossal vape will draw attention, which we are trying to avoid.

Fortunately, depending on what you want, you will get a portable vape of the right size and shape.

They are also made to be as discreet as possible, helping you get high while on the move. It even gets better.

If you need high levels of discretion, you can settle on the CloudV Dab pen, which comes in the form of a functioning ball-point pen. Another good example is the Puffit-X, which is made in the form of an inhaler.

Certain professions limit you from being a free smoker. Therefore, if you are a teacher of a government worker, these two products that we have discussed above will come in handy.

3) Vapour tastes way better

Vaping On The Beach
Vaping On The Beach

Since you are focusing on the resultant effect, you need something that tastes way better as you get baked.

Well, if you are a bong user, this is a privilege that you do not enjoy. Why put up with a smoking method that doesn’t allow you to experience some fantastic taste?

Using a bong ignites the weed to super-high temperatures making some of the weed terpenes to boil.

Therefore, from the bowl to your lungs, these terpenes would have already boiled and lost their effect.

However, when you use a Vaporizer, your weed does not go through the same process that obliterates common weed terpenes.

Instead of more smoke, you will experience a sweet flavour that is second to none. If you have already turned to vape but would still like to experience a super amazing taste, top-notch vaporizers such as the Lotus Vape or DaVinci IQ is all you need.

If you try those tow, you can be assured that you will never go back to bonging.

2) Vaping is safer than smoking.

Vaporizer On a desk
Vaporizer On a desk

Smoking leads to long term health problems. It may affect your lungs and other organs.

Some of the common issues that smokers undergo include respiratory problems. However, if you turn to vapes, you will not have to experience the same.

It is true that you will not get lung cancer from smoking marijuana. Therefore, it would be utterly false if we said that punching a bong can result in lung cancer because of the smoke produced.

First, you need to keep in mind that the smoke emanating from marijuana does not have radiations. However, the more you keep smoking, the more you harm your lungs.

Vaping produces super-low temperatures, which may save your lungs altogether.

While the combustion temperature for weed is roughly 240 degrees Celsius, vapes do not exceed 220.

Vaping allows you to fully enjoy your weed without waking up to constant worries about your lungs or any other organ.

You will not put yourself in a position of harming your respiratory system, which is vital for the body.

What exactly does smoking weed do to your lungs? To be a little bit specific, the cilia in your lungs are affected when you smoke.

Therefore, the more you smoke, the more the cilia get damaged, which puts you in a vulnerable position for many diseases.

You risk suffering bronchitis and may other respiratory conditions. If you are not lucky enough, your lungs may even collapse.

Also, smoking is not the best way of taking cannabis. First of all, smoking is not medicinal, and no doctor in the entire universe can suggest that you do it even when you need cannabis for medicinal purposes.

It will irritate your lungs and put you at risk of suffering several ailments. Vaping, on the other hand, is the best way of taking in some cannabis.

You do not put your lungs or organs at risk, and it is also quite fast.

Well, vaping may not be as long-lasting as smoking, but it sure does its job, leaving you baked and happy. Isn’t that what you need?

1) Vaporizers uses less weed

Dry Cannabis Herb
Dry Cannabis Herb

This is definitely the first reason why you should switch from punching a bong to using vapes. Several people spend a lot of money on weed because they cannot control their intake, and as the body gets more used to weed, so does many people’s intake increase. Cannabis has several cannabinoids that are usually super effective.

When you use a bong, you will end up putting in more weed to cover up for the lost high-inducing compounds. This is because you lose of cannabinoids when you punch a bong. You will not only be losing THC but also destroying most of the terpenes.

If you settle on a good vape, you will require less than a gram of drive ground hub for a 15-minute session of thick vapour. You will end up using less weed and achieving super amazing results.

Some vapes have been constructed to help you in microdosing your herb purposely. What this means is that you will spend less than 0.1 g to get baked alongside a friend.

Keep in mind that all the cannabinoids and terpenes will still be intact even as you use such a small volume of weed to achieve an even more significant effect.

Vaping will save you money since you do not need to roll a joint anytime you feel like getting high. You will load just a small amount of weed into the vape and get high the whole day.


There are several reasons why you should change from bongs to vaporizers. Smoking puts your lungs in a vulnerable position, which you should avoid at all costs.

You can quickly grab your vape pen when on the go and get high without drawing too much attention. If you are still punching the bong, you are missing out on a lot. Vaping is better than bongs.

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