Does PGR Increase Yield?

Does PGR Increase Yield?

Learn how PGRs can increase your cannabis grow yield! Plant Growth Regulators and their effects on the yield of marijuana crops. Read More!

There are different types of Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) available on the market, and each one has a different affect on plant growth.

Some PGRs will boost the flowering process, others will make the flowers (buds) grow denser, and others will make the plant’s overall growth speed faster.

The most common PGRs used on marijuana in Australia & New Zealand include:

As an example of how PGRs work, the Paclobutrazol has a unique effect on growing cannabis plants; once laced with this PGR chemical, the plant will stop producing THC, and it forces the flowers to grow tighter, denser and heavier than usual.

If you use PGRs on cannabis, you will have a larger yield faster than growing organically. But there are downsides to growing marijuana with PGRs.

Even though you can increase your physical yield of cannabis plants by using PGRs, you will also be dramatically reducing the THC count in your weed.

A lower THC count means that you won’t be getting as ‘high’ from PGR weed as you would from natural organic marijuana.

There are also health risks with PGRs, as they aren’t always safe for human or animal consumption.

There is a reason why companies in North America, where the largest cultivation of marijuana is performed, avoids using PGRs. A higher yield of your PGR cannabis isn’t the best choice when it becomes toxic and has little to no THC content.

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