PGR Weed VS Natural Cannabis

PGR Weed VS Natural Cannabis

PGR cannabis vs. Natural Cannabis isn't a tough competition, but what are the key differences between organic weed and PGR marijuana?

As Australia progresses towards more home-grown legal cannabis cultivation, people are looking to understand the difference between Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) grown and naturally grown weed.

PGR chemicals are a synthetic version of Plant Growth Hormones that control the growth and development of your cannabis plant. Natural cannabis is grown in soil without any pesticides or synthetic PGR growth hormones. PGR weed VS natural cannabis is an ongoing debate with a clear answer. PGR weed is toxic and harmful, and natural cannabis gives the best THC high experience without harmful side effects.

Rather than writing an extended essay on PGR Weed VS Natural Cannabis, the answer can be summed up in a few points.

The difference between PGR bud and non-PGR bud
The difference between PGR bud and non-PGR bud

PGR works as a steroid and makes the marijuana bud’s dense and heavy with a reddish colour. It’s used to produce heavy cannabis bud faster and heavier, but the result is a toxic chemical high without potent THC content for a natural high.

Naturally grown cannabis is fluffy, green, and has visual crystals. Natural bud has a higher amount of THC and minimal-to-no toxic chemicals that allow for a satisfying high.

You will only find PGR weed if you grow it yourself or buy it from the wrong crowd.

Is there any competition with PGR Weed VS Natural or No PGR?

Close-up of high-quality natural weed
Close-up of high-quality natural weed

PGR weed is exists due to growers cutting corners when cultivating marijuana plants. Using chemical - synthetic growth hormones can grow marijuana plants faster and produce heavier buds.

So for people selling weed per gram or ounce on the black market, you can make a lot more money from PGR weed due to it taking less time between growing and harvesting, and you get a higher yield per plant.

The downside and negatives around PGR weed is that it is unhealthy. Smoking chemicals is dangerous, and the high you get from PGR weed is mostly a chemical one.

Natural Non-PGR marijuana plants output a much higher THC amount and are also a lot healthier to smoke or consume than their chemical PGR counterpart.

There is a reason that PGR chemicals are not widely used in the agricultural industry, and that is because they can cause all different kinds of cancers.

If you can compare your natural weed vs. PGR weed, you can visually see, smell, taste, and feel the difference. Look after your health and avoid using PGR weed of any kind.

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