Where Should I Store CBD Oil? Storing Your CBD Oil for Maximum Shelf Life

Where Should I Store CBD Oil? Storing Your CBD Oil for Maximum Shelf Life

CBD oil is becoming increasing popular for its therapeutic benefits. But, what's the best way to store it to ensure that you'll get the most out of it?

CBD oil is becoming more popular by the day as people begin to realise this natural extract’s health benefits.

CBD oil can be used for a variety of purposes, from reducing inflammation to helping with anxiety and depression.

If you’re like most people and have just started using CBD oil, you may be wondering where to store it.

Here is some information on how to store your CBD oil for maximum shelf life:

  • The Best Place to store CBD Oil is in the fridge, as it is cold, dark, and protected from humid air.
  • When storing your CBD oil in a cool, dry and safe place, you can expect the maximum shelf-life to be approximately 6 months.
  • CBD Oil Capsules: store capsules in an airtight container to ensure that the layer of protection is safe and doesn’t break. You can leave these in a dry and cool place, like cupboards, drawers, or the fridge.
  • CBD Oil Liquids: Store CBD Oil liquids in a UV protected container and leave these in the fridge, but avoid freezing temperatures.
  • CBD Creams: can be stored in cupboards and drawers, as the packaging is made to protect the cream and ensure longer life.

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How To Store CBD Oil & Ensure Maximum Shelf Life

The storage of CBD oil isn’t difficult, but there are three significant aspects that you must consider in order to get the most value from its shelf-life.

We’ll look at each and then discuss ways to safeguard the quality of your CBD oil to ensure it stays in top condition.

How Light Can Ruin Your CBD Oil

To comprehend how light impacts CBD oil, We must understand the way light functions. Visible light is a narrow range of rays in the electromagnetic spectrum.

These waves are all around us every day, yet we only can detect a small portion. Sunlight is awash with visible light; however, it also has rays on either one side or the other of visible light, such as infrared rays and UV Rays.

UV rays are high-intensity radiations above the violet part that are visible (thus the name “ultraviolet”).

UV rays aren’t just harmful to our skin; they can also play a significant role in CBD degradation.

To shield the quality of your CBD oil from degradation by light, ensure that you keep your CBD oil in a secure area such as refrigerators or cabinets.

How Air Can Damage CBD Oil & CBD Capsules

Air is a complex mix of molecules that react with CBD. These include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

Of all three, oxygen does the most harm to CBD. CBD oil can last much longer when kept in a sealed, airtight container.

Avoid Humidity & Hot Temperatures

The high temperatures are another issue that can cause the breakdown of those essential CBD molecules.

To ensure its integrity, it is recommended to keep the temperature of your CBD oil at a temperature below 21 degrees Celsius.

In the long run, freezing is a good option and won’t cause any harm to the quality of your CBD oil. However, CBD oil has a long shelf life, and if you’re planning to use it frequently, the process of freezing and then unfreezing it isn’t an option.

Conclusion: CBD Oil Can Last a Long Time If Stored Correctly

The refrigerator is among the ideal locations to keep CBD oil. It’s cold, dark and airtight, and cooler temperatures can help safeguard the essential terpenes and cannabinoids.

Don’t be shocked if the oil begins to segregate. If this happens, be sure to shake the bottle vigorously before every use.

The natural separation in cool temperatures won’t affect the effectiveness of CBD Oil Products.

CBD oil can be a perishable item, and this means that it won’t last long if you do not use it regularly. CBD oil should last between six and twelve months, or longer, depending on the product, when correctly stored and protected from the elements.

If you don’t store CBD oil correctly, the active therapeutic ingredients will break down and become useless.

If it’s been over six months after that, the CBD oil may begin changing colour and eventually becoming darker.

It’s safe to use; however, you may require an increased dose to get similar results. The majority of Cibdol CBD products feature a printed “best before” date on both the packaging as well as the bottle inside the bottle.

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