Does CBD Oil Help Sciatica?

Does CBD Oil Help Sciatica?

Sciatica is a chronic condition that causes pain in the back and legs. With CBD oil becoming a popular alternative medical treatment, does medicinal cannabis help Sciatica?

Sciatica is one of the most common sources of pain where at least 40% of the world’s population will experience it during their lifetime.

Affecting the sciatic nerve that extends from the lower back down to the leg, sciatica is often manifested by lower back or hip pain, burning sensation on the leg, weakness or numbness and a shooting pain that sometimes makes it difficult to stand up.

Note: Cannabis is an unregistered medicine that is only available vai the TGA’s Special Access Scheme. Only a doctor can decide if you will be eligible for medical cannabis therapy.

With the popularity of CBD for treating pain, it became a popular option for people suffering from sciatica, especially those who don’t find relief from the typical pain medications.

It’s also the same for those who don’t want the ugly side effects of these types of medicines.

Can CBD oil cure sciatica?

Sciatica stems from a herniated disk or bone spur that puts pressure to the sciatic nerve causing the pain. This means that only surgery can correct the problem and not any other type of non-invasive treatment or drug including CBD oil.

However, CBD oil can help with addressing pain to give patients the relief they need.

How does CBD oil help with sciatica pain?

Sciatica produces two types of pain, neuropathic and nociceptive, both of which can be alleviated with CBD oil. Taking CBD will trigger your body’s natural endonnabinoid system (ECS) by binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors.

This system plays a role in sending good and bad signals throughout your body, which allows for it to restore balance and homeostasis. ECS also keeps your body from overreacting, which causes inflammation and pain, both of which are hallmarks of sciatica.

Although further medical studies need to be conducted to prove the benefits of CBD in addressing sciatica pain, this product is showing a lot of potential as an alternative treatment option for patients who want to alleviate their pain but not suffer the long-term side effects of taking OTC pain medications.

How much CBD oil should be taken for sciatica?

If you want to try using CBD oil for the pain relief of sciatica pain, you need to know the right dose first. In general, CBD oil has been proven safe even in large doses.

But if it’s your first time to take it, start with a few drops of CBD oil once daily to see whether your body will react well to the medication. If you don’t feel any side effects, you can slowly increase the dose to get the maximum effect of the CBD oil.

As you’re taking the CBD oil, it’s best to monitor your overall health to see if there are no side effects from using the product. You should also talk to your doctor about taking CBD oil to make sure that you’re not prescribed any drug that could interact with it.


CBD oil is definitely showing huge potential as an alternative and cheaper option to conventional sciatica treatment options. It is also considered safer than your typical pain medication. So if you’re looking for a way to treat sciatica pain without the consequences, you could give CBD oil a try.


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