How Long Does It Take CBD Oil To Work?

How Long Does It Take CBD Oil To Work?

Medicinal CBD oil is available in food, vape and drops taken under your tongue, but how long does it take for CBD oil to work? Learn about the methods and duration to take CBD oil.

CBD oil is a new and effective medicine that treats Arthritis (joint pain), Epilepsy (seizures), Chronic Pain, and Anxiety in Australia. But how long does it take for CBD oil to work on the human body?

  • CBD oil drops can be taken under your tongue for quick and fast effects.
  • When CBD oil is taken under the tongue, it only takes thirty to sixty seconds to be absorbed into your bloodstream.
  • Once absorbed into your bloodstream; it will take a further five to twenty minutes to take effect.
  • It does not take long for CBD oil to work for joint pain, seizures, chronic pain, headaches, IBS and more.
  • When CBD oil or cream is rubbed onto the skin, it may take between fifteen to forty minutes to take effect.

The use and effects of CBD oil in Australia is exciting and more and more doctors report positive results.

Medical doctors have analysed the time it takes to feel the effects of CBD oil. Understanding that it varies per patient, dosage and method of consumption.

How long does it take CBD oil to work? That depends on the dose that you’re taking, but you do get both immediate effects and long-term effects, which is really one of the nice things about CBD. - Doctor Bill Rawls

Arthritis CBD creams are one effective solution for treating joint pains. Patients report that it takes 20 to 40 minutes for the CBD oil cream to work.

The [fastest way to absorb CBD oil] is by vaping. The effects of CBD oil can work on the human body within five to ten minutes. The process of vaping CBD oil isn’t recommended over taking the oil under your tongue. The result is a fast-acting CBD oil solution through a slightly controversial vaping method.

The slowest way for CBD oil to work on the human body is to ingest it with food. The CBD oil digestive process involves the liver, pancreas, and stomach.Our bodies can only process so much CBD through the slow digestive process. The overall result is a thirty to forty-minute process to feel the effects of CBD oil.


CBD oil is a popular and legal medicine in Australia that can treat chronic conditions including pain, seizures, joint pain, Parkinson’s, and more.

Australians are asking, “how long does it take for CBD oil to work on my body,” as the medicine is being used to stop or slow down the treated symptom.

There are multiple methods to take CBD oil and each one affects our body in different ways and can work as within five minutes or forty minutes.

The fastest way for CBD oil to work on your body is to use it in a vaporizer. Vaping is not the preferred method of consuming CBD oil by medical professionals. Still, it works within five to ten minutes, making it the fastest method of consumption.

The slowest method for CBD oil to start working on your body is to digest it with food. The digestive process takes between thirty to forty minutes to take effect on our body. The down-side to eating CBD oil with food is that our body doesn’t absorb it completely.

The most popular way to take CBD oil in Australia is to put drops under your tongue. Taking CBD oil under your tongue will begin to work within five to twenty minutes. CBD oil takes effect after being absorbed into your bloodstream (30-60 seconds).

Medical professionals will generally recommend taking CBD oil drops under your tongue as the fastest and effective way to consume your medicine. When asked, “how long does it take CBD to work on our body?”, we can answer “anywhere between 5 minutes and 45 minutes.

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