Little Green Pharma Pty Ltd

Little Green Pharma Pty Ltd

Little Green Pharma is a licensed cultivator and producer of medical-grade cannabis oils.

Based just outside of Perth, Western Australia (WA), they have made a big impact since first receiving their license.

A little about their history:

Cannabis products

Australian companies that are licensed to cultivate marijuana and produce medical-grade cannabis products are focusing on CBD and THC extracts.

Using the extracted CBD and THC compounds, they produce cannabis oils (tinctures) and oral sprays and more.

Little Green Pharma is no exception here. They produce a simple oil formulation with a variety of THC and CBD ratios.

Their LGP Classic products include

Name THC Ratio CBD Ratio
THC Dominant 20:5 (Oral) THC: 20mg/mL CBD: 5mg/mL
THC/CBD Balance 10:10 (Oral) THC: 10mg/mL CBD: 10mg/mL
CBD Dominant 1:20 (Oral) THC: 1mg/mL CBD: 20mg/mL

They currently have the capacity to produce up to 15,000 bottles.

Since the IPO in January of 2020, they have raised upwards of $10 million. They will use this to expand on the infrastructure and ability to produce up to 110,000 bottles every year.

This will allow them to meet the greater international demand.

Between 2018 and 2020, they were able to dispense an estimated 7,000 bottle to over 2,000 patients.

Growing cannabis in Western Australia

Western Australia is dry, but the South Western areas are lush and green with the perfect soil for agriculture and horticulture.

Regions including Margaret River, the Swan Valley, Great Southern, Blackwood Valley and more are famous for horticulture and their world famous wineries.

This opens up the doors to a new type of crop. Little Green Pharma is utilising Western Australia’s perfect environment for horticulture to produce medical-grade cannabis.

ASX listed

Little Green Pharma has been all the hype as they had an oversubscribed initial public offering (IPO) on the 29th of January, 2020.

The result of this was over 22 million paid ordinary shares at $0.45c and an overall market cap of AUD $60 million.

The future of Little Green Pharma

It’s easy to make outside assumptions of the future of this company, but it sure isn’t little.

With articles spread across the UK, Canada, NZ and Germany talking about the LGP Classic products, we can see that exporting to a larger international market is their main focus.

“Being Australia’s first local producer of medicinal cannabis to have its products reach European soil is a major milestone in the company’s short history” said Managing Director Fleta Solomon.

We can see the same focus in many other Australian cannabis companies due to the fact that we just don’t have the demand.

With our smaller population, but large landscape, we are in the perfect position to cultivate and produce medicinal marijuana and export to countries with more demand.

Cannabis licenses

Little Green Pharma licenses from the Australian government:

Company Information
Type: Manufacturer & Exporter
Listed: ASX as of 2020
Products: CBD and THC Oils
Capacity: 15,000 bottle
Opened: 2016
CEO & Co-founder: Fleta Solomon
Employees: 20+
Revenue: $8,337+
Phone: 08 6280 0050
Address: 66 Kings Road, WEST PERTH, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6005
Facebook: @littlegreenpharma
Twitter: @littlegreenphar
Linkedin: @little-green-pharma
YouTube: Little Green Pharma Channel

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