Compass Cannabis Clinics

Compass Cannabis Clinics

Compass Cannabis Clinics is one of Australia's most experienced and capable medical cannabis treatment providers. Offering medical services, products and a partnership for clinics.

A comprehensive medical cannabis experience from Canadian experts that have recently a clinic in Sydney, Australia.

Compass Cannabis Clinics is a small Canadian company that has been providing patients with a holistic approach to medicinal cannabis treatment since 2017.

The holistic approach to medical cannabis is a treatment tailored to the individual. This may include:

  • Nutrition
  • Relaxation
  • Exercise
  • Pain
  • Therapy
  • Chiropracty

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Compared to your traditional General Practice clinic, Compass Cannabis Clinics brings modern and comprehensive medical services to patients at their locations or remotely with TeleMedicine.

Compass has its eyes on Australia and New Zealand’s current medical cannabis market and any future legal recreational opportunities.

We expect to see them excel in physical clinics, remote services, and their own private label products.

As a Canadian company, Compass Cannabis Clinics has the experience and knowledge of the North American medical cannabis industry.

This gives greater confidence in their ability to succeed in the medical cannabis industry than other Australian companies who are learning as they go.

Point Of Difference

Compass Clinic
Compass Clinic

On the outside, Compass seems like a regular cannabis clinic, but they have two main points that make them stand out amongst the crowd.

Experienced Company & Team

Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada for almost 20 years, making it a much more competitive, mature, and developed market.

Both the team and the company are bringing their knowledge and experience of a “successful cannabis company” to Australia.

The main issue with early Australian cannabis companies is their lack of experience, and this can either lead to an innovative successful company, or a tragic failure.

What patients, the Australian and New Zeland government, and investors are looking for in a medical cannabis company is experience, knowledge, and confidence.

Compass has been operating in Canada since 2017, and its core team has a successful experience with building and running cannabis companies in North America.

Big Picture Business Objectives

Most of Australia’s medical cannabis clinics operate in one to five locations to provide patients with medicinal cannabis treatment.

Even though Compass in Australia started with a location in Sydney, they are focusing on creating a successful and trusted network.

This network will be providing both services and private label products to patients in Australia, soon to be New Zealand, and potentially other Asia Pacific regions in the near future.

Building a medical service and product brand allows Compass to secure a larger market share, and to also open up additional revenue streams that compete with Australia’s larger medical cannabis manufacturers such as Little Green Pharma and LeafCann.

To further this, they are able to reduce overhead costs that these larger companies face major commercial facilities.

This is done by working with international cannabis manufacturers with competitively priced medical-grade white-labeled products.


Compass currently offers medical services in their Sydney location and remotely through their TeleMedicine.

They offer all the regular medical cannabis treatment options that treat chronic pain, Epilepsy (seizures), Parkinson’s, Anxiety and Depression, and much more.

Medicinal cannabis is available to treat various symptoms where traditional medicine has had little to no positive effects.

Compass also offers a comprehensive list of holistic medical services that include:

  • Chiropractor
  • Nutritionist
  • Naturopath

This makes Compass more than a medical cannabis clinic as they are staffed with medical professionals that are able to treat a wide array of conditions all under one umbrella.


The core Compass team is what makes the company stand out with experience in North America’s (USA/Canada) cannabis industry and Australia’s medical industry.

Dave Martyn
Dave Martyn

Dave Martyn is the Director and co-founder of Compass Cannabis clinics since 2017. He has successfully built, operated, and exited from Starbuds Canada, a retail cannabis chain that sold for over 12 million USD.

Teresa Towpik
Teresa Towpik

Dr Teresa Towpik is Compass’ Chief Medical Officer. She has been a GP in Australia since 1993, one of the first Australian doctors that transitioned to a cannabis clinician in 2018, and a major medical industry expert in the field of medicinal cannabis treatment.

Brianna Martyn
Brianna Martyn

Brianna Martyn is the co-founder of both Compass and Starbuds. She is an international leader in the retail cannabis market with extensive knowledge in the manufacturing process. She is helping Compass build a network of services and products that will elevate the business in Australia and New Zealand.

Graeme Hawkins
Graeme Hawkins

Graeme Hawkins is the co-founder of Compass and Starbuds. He excels as a project manager with experience building successful cannabis clinics and retail locations in North America and Australia.

Add Cannabis To Your Medical Practice

Compass also offers a unique opportunity of adding medical cannabis as a service for clinics and medical practices throughout Australia.

The main limitation for local clinics is that there is a lot of education, red-tape and costs around providing medical cannabis as a treatment option.

Through a partnership with Compass, you will receive all the tools, education, and support required to confidently add medical cannabis to your list of treatment options.

This is a unique offering that makes Compass stand out as a network of cannabis services and products and not just a physical clinic.

Company Information

Company Information
Type: Cannabis Clinics
Services: Medical Cannabis Treatment
Opened: 2017
Director: Dave Martyn
Locations: Australia & Canada
Phone: N/A
Address: 482 Windsor Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

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