Cannabis Social Media And Content Jobs

Cannabis Social Media and Content Curator jobs are building public exposure for Hemp and Marijuana companies.

Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana related websites are appearing every week in Australia with the “green gold rush”. A website and social media presence is only as good as the content created for it.

Social media experts created and maintain a brand image while building a loyal following required for new businesses. Content curators are creating blog articles and various written content that educates and informs consumers about the company’s products and services.

Cannabis Social Media & Content Curator Jobs Summary

For growing Cannabis companies, having unique and quality content distributed through Social Media and a website is the most important part of marketing and building a positive brand image.

Companies now understand that a strong Google and social media presence is critical to growing a business. Experts in these fields that understand Cannabis (Medical Marijuana and Hemp) are highly sought after in Australia.

Cannabis Social Media and Content Curator Jobs include:

  • Writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Curator
  • Marketing

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