How Can You Evaluate The Quality Of Marijuana?

How Can You Evaluate The Quality Of Marijuana?

Learn how to check the quality of weed in Australia! Find out about the difference between good and low quality marijuana using smell, colour, taste and more! Whether is medical or recreational, learn how to spot potent cannabis!

Even though there are numerous legal cannabis companies in Australia, people are still looking for the best high-quality weed available! But how can you tell the difference between high-quality and low-quality marijuana in Australia?

How to find high-quality weed

To begin with - two main categories determine the quality of the weed: Top Shelf Category: These are the best among the entire available weed types. They are also known as Loud’, Fire’, or Dank’.

Low-Grade Category: All the weeds that do fall into the top shelf category impliedly fall into the Low-Grade Category. These are also called as Brick Weed’, Dirt Weed’, or Schwag’.

Right from its glueyness or stickiness or understand the intensity of its aroma. Read further to spot the best amongst the available marijuana:

We have detailed out all the factors that determine the weed quality at the micro-level.

Once you read this article completely, you will master yourself in choosing the best quality weed because we have put forth in-depth.

The importance of tangible and non-tangible aspects like colour, smell, taste, feel, etc., which play a significant role in deciding the quality and marijuana potency.

Buy from dispensaries whenever possible

It is recommended to purchase the weed that has been tested and certified by the respectable weed clinicians. This increases the probability of getting superior-quality cannabis products.

There is a dual risk when you purchase it from the black market dealers’:

Firstly, without knowing the contents, you are jeopardizing your health. Secondly, you are not sure about the legality of the substance you are purchasing.

It does not mean that marijuana product quality is similar across all the dispensaries.

This variation takes place because each customer has a personal budget. And, depending on the budgeted value, the dispensaries issue the products.

It is also seen that some of the dispensaries often claim the bad (low-grade) quality weed as the weed from top-shelf and mislead the customers.

But remember, the fact is the Top Shelf’ weed products will always be at the peak position in all the respect; medium grade products will never leave their middle shelf, and low-grade products are packed with low-cost weed.

When you choose to purchase the weed from an excellent dispensary, be assured that the low-quality weed also is far better than the open market. It is suggested to opt for the best possible weed, which you can afford.

It is a possibility that you are looking out for the new or the latest available strain or searching for the new dispensary. Always do thorough research before choosing the best dispensary or the type of weed.

Usually, the bud-tender will open all the options like aroma, flavour, and High or any other effects about the new weed. Try out the new weed for all the options until you are satisfied.

Hallmarks of good weed vs. bad weed

Following are the significant points to remember beforehand for your next cannabis purchase:


Green or any greenish shade is the dominant colour in an entire lot of fresh or effective weed.

Sometimes you might find different shades of Red, Orange, Blue, or Purple and these also fall into the category of good quality weed, but a word of caution - get it confirmed that these are not the colour blotches created within the mould!

If you come across Brown Colored Weed - Avoid it! It is a concrete sign that all the critical Chemicals, Terpenes, and Cannabinoids are in the process of decomposition or already decomposed.

In case the weed has been exposed to oxygen for more, in reality, it means that cannabis has grown old. Due to the age factor, their THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) presence is already decomposed, new compound called cannabinol is formed.

This cannabinol has its limited benefits of its own, which cannot be compared with THC as it is not psychoactive. With the presence of cannabinol, the oxidized weed can never give you that stoned’ effect and will make you sleepy.

One more drawback is they burn very speedily and also not very easy to smoke as the smoke is very severe and harsh. It often leads to heavy coughing attacks.


Without a second thought, excellent quality weed will always release that typical pungent cannabis aroma! Top-Shelf weed proudly boasts their smell as Loud’ because it has a very robust and satisfying smell that can be noticed’ even though the weed packet is sealed!

Never try to smoke the weed, whose odour is like fodder, grass, soggy, fungus-like, or weed with negligible smell or fail to have any smell.

When you get a very mild smell or no aroma, be sure that these have been exposed to climatic oxygen. Too much exposure enhances the synthesis of all the psychoactive compounds of the weed and wrings out the smell from it.

If any weed sample’s aroma resembles the smell of grass or manure, be sure that it is of inferior quality. And smoking fungi weed is not good for health.

If, in case you fail to locate the licensed marijuana dispensary and left with the option of buying it from a private dealer, don’t forget to smell it first.

You can call it your own “Smell Test” Most of the dealers will show you one good quality weed, and while delivering the packet, they might replace it with the sub-standard product. Hence, before smoking, it should pass your smell test’, and if it passes, then the marijuana potency is on the higher side.


In the case of tasting’ a weed, in the market, there are various cannabis products with innumerable flavour combinations.

Irrespective of its flavour combination, superior quality weed is always very garden-fresh and energetic in taste. The open market is full of various flavour combinations like chocolaty, piney, cheesy, etc.

But in case if you sense the taste of chemical elements or metal, presume that the weed is contaminated with different pesticides. Bad taste is the first sign of the commencement of the decaying process and fungus growth.

These bad taste weed might induce chest pain or uneasiness hence discard them immediately. Such contaminants like fungus, if inhaled for a long time might damage your lungs and cause sickness. Never believe in the marijuana potency when the fail your “Taste Test”.


To be sure of the marijuana potency, then the presence of abundant trichomes confirms the same. Be assured that the plant has been well taken care of when the quantity trichomes are on the higher side!

Small white-coloured crystal-like sparkling exudates’ or resins that cover the entire bud are called trichomes.

The marijuana potency is directly proportional to the thickness of these trichomes.

In a superior quality weed, the trichomes are visible to the naked eye. But in some cases, these cannot be seen with naked eyes, and hence you should carry a magnifying glass with you.

Because, if you see these trichomes through a magnifying glass or under a microscope, you should get the complete view of these trichomes in the form of shiny and milky white colour. Also, the crystals should be fully formed and not premature.

Trichomes are highly important as they are loaded with terpenes and cannabinoids, which induce the weed of its taste and potency.

If you find the wear and tear in these trichomes, then it means after harvesting these weeds are frequently handled, thus reducing the marijuana potency.

Under the magnifying glass, if you happen to see under-grown trichomes with an incomplete formation, then this weed is harvested early, i.e. before its maturity.

If you happen to see the weed with yellowish complexion or emitting sharp amber colour, then the weed has been reaped very late. The THC contents have already been disintegrated into CBN.

One important factor you should know is, some of the black-market sellers scrub the weed-buds to soap or any other element and falsely depict them as very high in trichome. Hence, it is strongly advised to buy cannabis products from renowned or known sources.


Cannabis can retain their freshness provided they are not dried out or not too soggy. And, smoking fresh cannabis can give you maximum pleasure.

Cons Of Dried Out Marijuana:

  • Very harsh and gives irritation to smoke
  • It burns very fast
  • Can cause too much coughing

Cons of Soggy Or Damp Marijuana:

  • The flavour is on the lower side
  • Chances of containing fungus or mildew are more

A good quality weed does not break with a single touch.

An ideal density differs as per the variety, and the superior quality indicates (a subspecies of the cannabis plant) that are densely populated. Their Sativas are foamier with hybrids falling in between.

The trichome covering the bud or the weed, when touched, should give you a sticky feel. You can use tongs, scissors, hand gloves, or chopsticks if possible, before touching and getting that feel because the resin that sticks your fingers contributes to reducing the marijuana potency.


Any types of marijuana - be it from the top shelf or the bottom shelf - should not contain seeds. The fact is that even if you choose inferior quality weed from the respected dispensary seldom, the weed-bunch will have these unrequired seeds.

Following are some of the effects & drawbacks of seed while smoking:

Seeds increase the weight of the weeds. Hence you get less quantity of effective cannabis for the amount you are paying.

During combustion, seeds explode by deteriorating the flavour and might damage the glassware.

The marijuana potency is very less because the female cannabis plant will direct all its resources in maximizing seed production.

Comparatively, it will not take those expected efforts and channelize fewer resources in the production of psychoactive compounds.


Naturally, the weed may contain a few stems, but the quantity should not be very high. Why should you pay for stems when you are going to remove them out as stems cannot be smoked?

In one bag of weed, these stems and useless loose leaf remains are termed as Shake’! Hence before you finalize any cannabis purchase, confirm that the quantity of Shake in it!

Orange Hairs

Orange hairs - also termed as Stigmas - are the fragments of the reproductive system of the female cannabis plant, which is a very good sign to see in the weed or your cannabis.

The main function of these orange hairs or stigmas is to collect the pollen grains from the male cannabis plants and enhance the growth of fresh seeds. Remember, superior smoking quality weed can be extracted from the non-pollinated feminine plants. Usually, the first stage of formation of the stigmas is white colour.

In case they are turned in to orange or yellowish-red, then their plucking time is perfect. Had it been the case that the wait time is more; the colour of stigma would have been changed to brown. Sativas show a higher number of stigmas.


Mould or fungus growth is often encountered when the weed is watery or humid. If you get a funky smell or while smoking, it hurts your chest, then the main culprit is the presence of mould.

Avoid using this contaminated cannabis that can put you on the bed with one puff.

Do not expect any marijuana potency from such weed.

The most susceptible patch on the weed can be of any colour, hence avoid such patched weed! Usually, White, Gray, Green, and Black are the common mould colours that are seen on cannabis.


Usually, it is advised to chop off all the thin little leaves that are not covered with Trichomes. The main reason is the complete marijuana potency is pulled down if these unwanted wispy little leaves are not chopped off.

There are two types of trimming methods - Hand trimmed, and Machine trimmed. When the human hand is involved in trimming the leaves, the presence of trichomes is hardly affected, unlike in the case of machine trimming!

The point to be noted here is if the weed has a disorganized or mess cut with ample thin leaves, it is not good.


Most of the cannabis crops are grown with the limited usage of pesticides, which is definitely on a positive side. But the negative factor is some of the unwarranted bugs or pests could be alive in the weed due to lack of insecticides.

If you happen to notice excessive bugs in the weed - ignore this weed! The most common found a secret agent in the cannabis plants is spider-mites.

The colour of these microscopic spider mites is either orange-red or brown, which skillfully imbibe the vital elements from the plant and destroys it.

Their presence can be seen on the marijuana leaves in the form of yellow and white dots.

Be proactive in case you happen to see white hairs (similar to spider-webs) in the cannabis and immediately remove them out. Take another glance at the weed and then proceed to smoke it!

Cannabis bananas

Bananas are formed in the following circumstances:

  • Tough growing conditions
  • Erratic or bright light arrangement
  • Excessive hot and cold swings
  • Poor genetics
  • Deprived nutrients

Cannabis bananas symptoms confirm that the entire batch of this cannabis will lack marijuana potency and jam-packed with seeds.

The reason these pods are named as bananas’ is their resemblance to the real banana. Remember, when you happen to locate cannabis with bananas it will be full of seeds and totally weak!

Cannabis bananas, aka Stamens; is the male fertilizing organ of a flower that grows within the pollen sac of male plants. Tired - the female weed plant develops the stamens outside the plant and not within the sac to harvest maximum seeds.

These female stamens are coloured, either green or yellow and that too in a bunch. The main function of these bananas is to focus on developing additional seeds and not THC (cannabinoids), especially in case the pollen penetrates any of the other cannabis plants!

How to test weed for potency

The most authentic certification of the contents in the weed and its perfect THC percentage is to buy it from the reputed dispensaries.

In case you have to purchase it from some private dealers or distributors read further for these latest cannabis testing technologies to confirm the THC percentage in cannabis.

Using technology to test cannabinoid levels. It will be very difficult to know the strength of marijuana potency of your weed in the following three cases:

  • Creating your concentrates or edibles
  • Growing personal weed
  • Purchasing the weed from any unlicensed dealer

In today’s time, you can find an increased number of Cannabis Testing Labs for almost all types of cannabis products that offer authentic Cannabinoid Tests!

Before the actual consumption of cannabis products and especially when you have created personal cannabis edibles, concentrates, or oils, then send these samples to these testing labs.

You can also get the tests done for the regular buds, or relevant cannabis products by sending the samples to the laboratory.

Remember, no doubt it is an important step, but it can increase the overall cost and consumption lead time. But, if you make a small investment in a Home Testing Kit not only you can save on the time-lag involved but also reduce the recurring costs involved and get the results of your marijuana potency within no time.

tCheck: This is a small electronic device with a Pullout Tray. You can keep the weed sample on the tray and wait for 1 minute. Expect a report on the CBD and THC levels of infused coconut and olive oil, along with butter and alcohol-based cannabis solutions.

Do you want to check the THC percentage of concentrates or flowers? Get an extra accessory called tCheck Expansion Kit. It will guide you with the required necessities and develop a liquid sample, which takes not more than five to six minutes.

This size of tCheck is no more than your smartphone. The operations are user-friendly, and once you get the desired marijuana potency results, you can download its app and track your marijuana crop.

The app provides you with the best recipe of required infusions to achieve that desired marijuana potency. The accuracy ratio of tCheck is ±15%. (+ or - 15%)

Don’t ever settle for bad weed again

Irrespective of where you buy from, after reading this entire article, you have embraced a new knowledge concerning the selection of Good Quality weed and understand the importance of marijuana potency. Even if you master the importance of confirming the quality of the weed by - Weed Appearance and Smell Test - no dealer can fool around with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How To Confirm Whether The Weed Is Of Better Quality? Answer: Good quality weed has tangible features like green colour, covered with trichomes, does not contain seeds or stems, and less leafy. The intangible features like its pungent smell will help you to confirm the quality of the weed! Also, better quality weed does not break with one touch or does not crumbles.

Question: What Is The Physical Appearance Of Better Quality Weed? Answer: Green colour, high density, and blended with a shiny coat of crystalline resin (trichomes) is considered to be the weed with maximum marijuana potency and assures the better quality of weed.

Question: What Does Better Quality Weed Smell? Answer: The USP of better quality weed is its pungent smell. Inferior quality weed smell grass-like or emit a damp or humid smell.

Question: What Are The Physical Characteristics Of An Inferior Quality Weed? Answer: Inferior quality weed is brown in colour and crumbly. Also, dehydrated or excessive watery blended with fungus are considered to be an inferior quality weed. Such weed may contain extra seeds, stems, and unusable leafy pieces called Shake’!

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