Cannabis Terpinolene Terpenes: What Does It Do?

Cannabis Terpinolene Terpenes: What Does It Do?

Cannabis Terpenes are being researched everyday in Australia and the Terpinolene stands out as one of the most important components in the marijuana plant.

Terpinolene is found in a lot of various cannabis strains. It has a unique set of smells that include:

  • piney
  • floral
  • herbaceous
  • citrusy

The oils extracted from Monterey Cypress contain a high amount of Terpinolene. Also, it is one of the common-most components of Rosemary and Sage and is mostly used not only in perfumes and soap industries in the US but also as an insect repellent.

Terpinolene has a mile tinge of the herbal and flowery smell, but it has a powerful piney aroma. Its sweet flavour resembles most of the citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.

The main benefits of terpinolene are:

  • Acts as the Central Nervous System Tranquilizer
  • Acts as a sleeping agent that induces drowsiness
  • Helps in reducing emotional exhilaration or nervousness
  • Reduction in the protein type AKT1 in the cluster of K562 cells that are responsible for different types of cancers.

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