Is It Legal To Smoke Marijuana in Melbourne?

Is It Legal To Smoke Marijuana in Melbourne?

Find out the rules and laws with Cannabis in Melbourne. Learn if and where you can legally smoke marijuana.

The most significant question tourists and locals are asking in Melbourne is “is it legal to smoke marijuana in Victoria?”.

The possession and personal use of marijuana in Victoria have not been legalised. Smoking any form of cannabis without a medical certificate is illegal. With a medical certificate, you can purchase medicinal marijuana for smoking, vaping or baking.

You are allowed to possess and smoke marijuana in the comfort of your home if you have a medical certificate.

You are free to smoke, vape, bake edibles or take cannabis oils on private property and not in the clear view of the public.

Cannabis dispensaries sell dried buds (flowers) that you can smoke or vape. The rules around public use are still up in the air.

If you are caught smoking marijuana in public, it is illegal and may include a penalty of $100-150.

Melbourne offers drug diversions to first-time offenders through the police or court that allows you to avoid criminal charges.

Find out more about Melbourne’s drug diversion programs here.

Even though marijuana is illegal, the penalties for personal use of smoking weed in Melbourne is lighter than most countries. Don’t carry a large amount of cannabis with you, be street-wise, and you will be safe to vape, eat edibles, or smoke up in Victoria!

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