Is It Legal To Smoke Marijuana in Perth?

Is It Legal To Smoke Marijuana in Perth?

Find out the rules and laws with Cannabis in Perth. Learn if and where you can legally smoke marijuana.

Western Australia (WA) has some of the most successful medical cannabis companies, but is it legal to smoke weed in Perth?

Perth, Western Australia (WA) has the most modern cannabis farms, but one of the smallest weed consumption. With a prescription, you can smoke marijuana in WA. For personal (creational) use, it is still illegal, and if caught, you may receive a $100-200 fine.

With a quick visit to your doctors and approval from the TGA, you can smoke, vape, bake, or take marijuana oil in the comforts of your home.

Smoking or vaping weed in public is still frowned upon, so its best to follow the normal smoking laws.

Medical marijuana is available in the form of:

  • dry bud (flower)
  • edibles
  • oils
  • crystals
  • vape cartridges

You can order legal weed to smoke or vape online or from your local pharmacy.

If you are looking to smoke recreational weed, personal use is still illegal, unfortunately.

Personal use, typically less than 50 grams, is not treated as severely as a more significant amount that is considered “intent to sell”.

Perth has drug diversion programs that allow you to avoid any criminal charges.

If you have a small personal amount under 50 grams, you may receive a fine and the product confiscated.

Western Australia has some of the country’s most successful medical cannabis companies.

We hope that having a thriving cannabis industry in Perth, the public will further support the legalisation of personal marijuana use.

Perth has a decent legal system that allows people caught with marijuana to avoid any criminal penalties with their Drug Diversion programs.

This reduces the penalty for smoke weed in public down to a small fine.

Always be polite, calm, and understanding to your local authorities.

Even though marijuana (weed) is still illegal to smoke in Perth, the penalties are not as serious as they used to be. As long as you don’t carry a huge amount of weed (bud) on your outside, you can feel free to vape or smoke marijuana as you like. Just be street smart and know the laws! Also, avoid driving after smoking marijuana in Perth as you are more likely to get caught with a drug test after smoking weed.

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