Are Edibles Legal?

Are Edibles Legal?

Find out if edibles are legal for medicinal or personal and recreational use? The different types of legal cannabis and marijuana edibles.

There has been an introduction of cannabis edibles as legal, medical use and personal recreational use has become more prevalent.

They are becoming popular among Australians for personal use and medical use to avoid stress, depression, pain, and the treatment of cancer and chemotherapy symptoms.

The most popular use of edibles is in the form of Gummies, Brownies, Cookies, Butter, Tea and much more.

The big question around edibles is ‘are they legal?’ and ‘where can I buy legal marijuana edibles?’

These cannabis edibles are available in candies and lollies, soft in touching and sweet in tasting, including different food flavours.

These edibles are easy to chew by anyone and anywhere when you need them, and the people around you cannot recognize what you are eating.

The use of marijuana edibles with THC and CBD edibles in Australia is not legal.

There are specific laws against the supply and use of marijuana in Australia, and cannabis products are only available for medical use.

The Australian government has made strict policies about the supply of these marijuana products, including edibles. Patients can receive a prescription to access THC and CBD cannabis edibles. These are only allowed for people suffering from medical issues that have existed for more than three months.

So if you are looking for the short answer as to ‘are marijuana or cannabis edibles legal in Australia?’, then the answer is a “No” or a “Not Yet” if you want to be a bit more optimistic.

Over the coming years, we will see regulation open up and even potentially see recreational cannabis become available. It took Canada many years after legalising marijuana for personal use to considering edibles to become legally available and commercially sold. So don’t hold your breath for Australia to do this any time soon!

Let’s jump into some other points around edibles and their legal status in Australia!

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Unlike the United States and Canada, Australia’s cannabis laws are behind the times.

Marijuana products are legally available only for medical use. You will have to receive a prescription from a doctor before you are able to buy any edibles or CBD and THC oil to make edibles.

Edibles are not suitable for all people as it is hard to measure THC and CBD accurately. Therefore, there are strict policies about marijuana edible products in Australia.

Children can intake unintentionally

Another reason why the government is hesitant to allow edibles to be sold to patients in Australia is that children can eat them.

It would be a medical and PR disaster to have children get access to marijuana edibles meant for adult medicinal use.

Edibles also have a ‘fun’ and ‘colourful’ image that the government is trying to avoid when it comes to medical marijuana.

In that case, children are the first and best victims of these edibles as they look like colourful bear candies and lollies that seem more attractive to the children.

The CBD edible is if in approach the children, it is highly harmful to their health as they will intake it just like other edibles.

These edibles can affect the digestive and nervous systems of children. Therefore, CBD edibles are declared illegal in Australia even after getting approval.

People will use them for recreational use

There is also another reason for imposing high restrictions on the availability of marijuana products in Australia.

Marijuana, primarily THC, is still listed on the poison standards list. They are also scheduled drugs that have heavy restrictions around them.

Even though we can see how safe marijuana is through the public reports in Canada and the USA, the Australian government is hesitant to embrace this change.

People will feel recreation and use it for not a concerned purpose but just for making fun and getting addicted to this product.

Marijuana edibles are illegal in Australia but not for all as there are some flexibilities adjusted for the patients who are suffering from serious medical problems. So, there has been introduced a mechanism to get a legal approach to these CBD edibles.

Only the patients can access these legal approaches to edible by going through the legal process by forwarding an application and their doctor’s prescription.

After analyzing and confirming by a team, the patients will get access to a specifically mentioned dose of CBD or THC edibles. Conclusion

Edibles are illegal in Australia due to marijuana for personal use still being illegal. Edibles are not legally available for medical use due to children, and people other than the patient can access these products.

They can become addicted to these edibles. Therefore, the Australian government has introduced the only relaxation for the patient if they provide proof.

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