Are PGRs Harmful & Bad For You?

Are PGRs Harmful & Bad For You?

PGRs and cannabis can be harmful and dangerous for human consumption. Weed laced with PGR is potentially toxic when smoking, vaping or eating.

Are PGRs harmful & bad for you? Plant Growth Hormones (PGR) are a hot topic when it comes to cannabis in Australia as the illegal drug market is flooded with PGR laced cannabis buds.

Plants grow with a Plant Growth Hormone (PGH) and PGRs are a synthetic version of this to accelerate the growth of your marijuana plants.

In theory, PGRs is a good idea as your cannabis plants will develop and mature faster.

The reality is that PGRs are harmful to the plants and anyone consuming them.

PGRs are harmful and bad for your health, and short-term exposure can lead to chest and breathing problems.

Since the 1980s, there have been restrictions on the use of PGRs on plants grown for human consumption due to their harmful toxicity.

When eating or drinking PGR laced marijuana buds, or their extracts, you can receive liver damage and potential fertility issues.

Unfortunately, the majority of cannabis grown in Australia is not organic and uses a type of PGR to accelerate the growth of the plants.

The weed is grown faster and the bud is heavier, so this ticks all the boxes for people selling recreational marijuana. The downside is that PGR laced weed is harmful & bad for you.

The difference between PGR bud and non-PGR bud
The difference between PGR bud and non-PGR bud

To spot harmful and bad PGR laced weed buds, you can visually spot the difference as seen in the picture.

The harmful PGR bud is a dense, rock-solid bud with little-to-no crystals and a reddish-brown colour. They don’t emit strong dank smells and have a harsh chemical taste when smoked or vaped.

There are various different kinds of PGRs that have different effects on plant growth, but the consistent evidence between all types is that they can lead to high toxicity levels in plants.

The conclusion around “Are PGRs harmful & bad for you?” is a definite yes. PGR marijuana can cause cancer, infertility, poison your liver, and are classified as a toxic pollutant.

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