Cannabis Cultivation Mobile VS Immobile Nutrients

Cannabis Cultivation Mobile VS Immobile Nutrients

Learn about the difference between mobile and immobile deficiencies. How do cannabis plants use macro and micronutrients that are mobile or immobile?

There are two main behaviours found in macronutrients and micronutrients: mobility and immobility.

Mobile nutrients, such as Nitrogen (N), can move throughout the cannabis plant to new areas of need. An example of this is an older leaf having an abundance of Nitrogen (N) passing its excess amounts to new leaves to assist in their growth.

You can visually see Nitrogen deficiencies in cannabis plants where leaves on the lower part of the plant are turning yellow while the upper newer part is green.

Immobile nutrients are locked to the areas they are found in the cannabis plant. An example of an immobile nutrient is with Calcium (Ca); the nutrients will stay in the same part of the plant without any ability to relocate to other areas of need.

An immobile nutrient deficiency in cannabis plants are visually seen where older parts of the plants are looking healthy and green, and the newer parts are yellow, frail and weak. The older leaf with Calcium (Ca) is unable to pass its excess nutrients to the newer leaf due to the nutrient being immobile.

A List Of Mobile and Immobile Nutrients

Immobile deficiencies in your cannabis plant take longer to resolve, so its best to keep your eye out for these in order to maintain a healthy growth process.

Mobile deficiencies are harmful but can be resolved faster as the cannabis plant will transport the new supply of nutrients to the parts that need it most.

Here is a little list of mobile and immobile nutrients that are important to your cannabis plants’ growth and flowering phases.

Nutrient Immobile/Mobile Nutrient Deficiencies Found In
Nitrogen (N) Mobile Old Leaves
Phosphorous (P) Mobile Old Leaves
Potassium (K) Mobile Old Leaves
Magnesium (Mg) Mobile Old Leaves
Molybdenum (Mo) Mobile Old Leaves
Sulfur (S) Immobile New Leaves
Calcium (Ca) Immobile New Leaves
Iron (Fe) Immobile New Leaves
Selenium (Se) Immobile New Leaves
Manganese (Mn) Immobile New Leaves
Boron (B) Immobile New Leaves
Zinc (Zn) Immobile New Leaves

Are we missing any mobile or immobile nutrients? Let us know below!

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