BBS Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

BBS Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

BBS Pharmaceuticals is a South Australian cannabis company based out of Adelaide. They focus on the cultivation, production and manufacturing of medicinal cannabis products for Australia and internationally.

Their focus is to be the leader in Australia’s manufacturing of medical-grade cannabis and to obtain strong relationships with South East Asian countries importing medical cannabis products. Australia’s potential influence on the South East Asian market is overwhelming. A market exponentially larger than our own is looking for international partners to import medical cannabis products.

John Dagas, CEO, is experienced in business, strategy, civil engineering and has played various senior executive roles in South Australian companies. BBS Pharmaceuticals is looking to John for leadership and focus that will secure a spot in Australia and Asia’s cannabis industry.

What’s new with BBS Pharmaceuticals?

February 21, 2020: BBS Pharmaceuticals starts pushing for a stronger social media presence on the Twitter Platform with posts like this.

21st January, 2020: BBS collaborates with Health Europa on their story and roadmap to success.

“BBS Pharmaceuticals was born one night as two friends, Samuel Butler and Stuart Bais were driving back late from work”

Explaining that a company that focuses on providing therapeutic medicinal cannabis to patients in Australia can simply start from a conversation.

Company Information
Type: Manufacturer
Products: CBD and THC Oils
Opened: 24/07/2017
CEO: John Dagas
Employees: 10
Revenue: N/A
Phone: 08 7129 8043
Address: Adelaide, SA 5000, AU

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