Cannoz Pty Ltd

Cannoz Pty Ltd

Cannoz is a cannabis startup based out of Brisbane, Queensland. They focus on cultivating and producing medical marijuana products. CBD and THC Oral Oil Drops, including white labelling.

Canngea is a New South Wales cannabis company that focuses on business-to-business (B2B) relationships and the cultivation of medical cannabis. With their massive 11,000 sqm commercial cultivation facility, Canngea is looking to solve Australia’s supply issues and replace imported products with locally grown medicinal marijuana.

Canngea uses modern cultivation technologies such as automatic aeroponic (soil-less) methods that lead to higher quality and safer medical cannabis products. They are focusing on wholesale manufacturing that will not limit them to any single brand name.

As a licensed cannabis cultivator and B2B operator, Canngea works with companies that wish to sell in Australia or overseas. They are able to provide quality cannabis products when stock is short or alleviate the burden of setting up commercial facilities for up-and-coming cannabis startup companies or medical facilities.

Martin Bryden, CCO, is focusing on solving the current cannabis problems with quality inconsistency and raising the standards of medical cannabis products in Australia. They focus on modern cultivation technologies that will allow them to produce the best products in the Australian market.

What’s new with Cannoz?

There has been no public activity with Cannoz during 2020.

Smaller companies that do not have the resources to maintain a public or social presence may still be active and alive. We just might not be able to see or hear about their progress in the industry due to it not being publicly available.

Company Information
Type: Manufacturer
Products: CBD and THC Oils
Opened: 08/09/2017
CCO: Martin Bryden
Employees: 6
Revenue: N/A
Phone: 0450 102 023
Address: Sydney, NSW, Australia

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