Cyrelian Pty Ltd

Cyrelian Pty Ltd

Cyrelian is a cannabis company focusing on growing medical grade marijuana in Tasmania's clean and lush environment. From CBD and THC oils to new and modern cannabis products.

Cyrelian is a licensed cannabis company that produces medicinal products in Tasmania, Australia. They focus on partnering with international cannabis cultivators in order to boost their experience in the production of cannabis medicines.

Tasmania has some of the world’s cleanest air and water. Cyrelian is using this as a focus to produce natural and healthy cannabis while following all the standard medicinal regulations.

Without a strong social or media presence, the Cyrelian company seems to be working on the production of Cannabis products and sells using a business-to-business (B2B) method. This supplies pharmacies and cannabis clinics with high quality Tasmanian medicinal marijuana.

Davina Gregory-Dunsmuir, CEO, has over ten years of experience in agriculture within Australia and New Zealand. With an understanding of the “seed to customer” process when cultivating and producing products, Davina is focusing on replicating this model with cannabis while using Tasmania’s clean environment to produce the healthiest solution available on the market.

What’s new with Cyrelian?

Cyrelian has updated their website and their address in Hobart, Tasmania.

ITS Research Brief has included Cyrelian Pty Ltd in the list of competitors to watch out for in the CBD Oil Market.

Cyrelian pushes forward with R&D (Research and Development) being their main focus that will lead to commercialisation properties.

Unfortunately to date, the sourcing of cannabinoid-based material for research groups to undertake studies has been significantly restricted due to the legislative environment both in Australia and overseas. - Cyrelian

Focusing on undertaking and supporting the research into Cannabis and its therapeutic effects, and clinic studies to secure the evidence to lobby a stronger position of Cannabis as a medicine in Australia.

Company Information
Type: Manufacturer
Products: CBD and THC Oils
Opened: 28/10/2016
CEO: Davina Gregory-Dunsmuir
Employees: 5
Revenue: N/A
Phone: N/A
Address: Level 6 Reserve Bank Building, 111 Macquarie Street, Hobart TAS 7000

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