ECS Botanics Pty Ltd

ECS Botanics Pty Ltd

ECS Botanics is a Tasmanian cannabis company focusing on hemp products and medicinal marijuana in Australia. With their online store active, they are leading in hemp retail.

ECS is a Tasmanian cannabis company that produces hemp and medicinal marijuana products in Australia. They have deep experience in agriculture and aim to make Tasmania the most prominent hemp growing region in the world.

Their website sells various hemp products direct to consumers online. These hemp products are used for cooking and include hemp seed oil, hemp protein and hemp recipe bases.

Using their pre-existing hemp cultivation infrastructure, they are focusing on producing medical-grade cannabis products. ECS has a license to produce extracts and tinctures of cannabis on its 4,600 sqm commercial facility in Tasmania.

Their main focus is becoming the dominant hemp provider in Australia with medicinal cannabis being “a side hustle”. Alexander Keach, CEO, has extensive experience in the investment and agricultural industry and is leveraging this to turn ECS into a lucrative industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis company.

What’s new with ECS Botanics?

March 25, 2020: ECS Botanics Holdings state that their supply chain will not be broken by the COVID-19 scare. They have started a non-essential cost cutting strategy that will remove employees not critical to the business. This is to ensure they can survive the upcoming financial difficulty facing Australia.

March 5, 2020: ECS Botanics’ hemp seed oil products are now available at Woolworths. This is not medicinal cannabis.

January 10, 2020: ECS Botanics secured a deal with Woolworths to provide “hemp-infused soups” at supermarkets across Australia.

Company Information
Type: Manufacturer
Products: Hemp, CBD and THC Oils
Opened: 1/02/2018
CEO: Alexander Keach
Employees: 10
Revenue: N/A
Phone: 0419 323 059
Address: Suite 2, Level 15, 3 Spring Street, Sydney, NSW, 2100

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