Medcan Australia Pty Ltd (Cann Global Ltd)

Medcan Australia Pty Ltd (Cann Global Ltd)

MedCan is Queensland's leading medicinal cannabis farm cultivation, importer and producer of CBD and THC oil and CannTab XR pill. They distribute their products to cannabis clinics, pharmacies and patients across Australia.

MedCan Australia, otherwise known as CANN Global Ltd, is a dominant cannabis player in Queensland, Australia.

hey are a licensed cultivator, importor and producer of medicinal grade cannabis in Australia. Their primary products are CBD and THC oils for patients.

Their goal is to bring high quality medicinal cannabis products to Australians at a reasonable price.

They have positioned themselves strategically in Queensland, one of the best places to grow cannabis in Australia, as a leader in cultivation.

MedCan focuses on providing medicinal cannabis for research through clinical trials and for patient access through pharmacies and cannabis clinics.

Their cannabis products range in various levels of THC and CBD potency that makes it easier for medical professionals to prescribe patients with treatment that suit them.

They have streamlined the cultivation, production and distribution of medicinal cannabis through their unique automated cultivation process.

MedCan offers various medicinal cannabis products:

  • Medicinal Cannabis dried flower
  • Full extract oil
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules

They have a strong position in the market after their merger with QBL in 2018. Medcan was purchased using 250 million QBL shares, representing approximately 8 per cent of the final merged entity. This has given them the financial and strategic ability to produce a state of the art cannabis production facility.

MedCan licenses up to Q1 2020

MedCan Australia (CANN Global) has a wide range of licenses from the Australian national and state level government (QLD).

Federal and State Licenses:

  • ODC Medical Cannabis Cultivation and Production Licence
  • ODC Import Licence
  • ODC Export Licence
  • ODC Medical Cannabis Manufacture Licence
  • DAWR (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources) Permit
  • QLD Health Licence – Schedule 9 Substances
  • Cultivation and Production Licence – no. MC013/17
  • Manufacture Licence – no. ML015/18
  • Research Licence – no. RL18/19
  • Import Licence – no. 1821087
  • Export Licence – no. 1821088
  • DAWR Permit – no. 0002005875
  • QLD Health Poison’s Licence – no. AG007354718
  • QLD Wholesaling Approval – no. C-MC-1289

Medical Cannabis Products

The research and development phase is still ongoing; however, MedCan Australia plans to produce the following medicinal cannabis products:

  • Dried marijuana flower (bud)
  • Full extract oil (CBD & THC)
  • Tictures (CBD & THC)
  • Capsules

What’s new with Medcan

February 18, 2020: MedCan Australia integrates with Burleigh Heads Cannabis (QLD), a Medicinal Cannabis Wholesaler, to access a distribution network otherwise unavailable.

MedCan is now providing the following medicinal cannabis products through wholesale:

  • MEDCAN NQ01 - Dried Flower product – 13% THC
  • MEDCAN CC01 - Dried Flower product – 21% THC
  • MEDCAN FX01 - Cannabis Oil – 20mg/ml THC
  • MEDCAN FX02 - Cannabis Oil – 5mg/ml THC, 8mg/ml CBD
  • MEDCAN GC01 - Cannabis Capsules – 8mg THC
  • MEDCAN GC02 - Cannabis Capsule – 5mg THC, 8mg CBD

January 27, 2020: CANN Global Ltd updates their website to include Medcan Australia as a subsidiary company. They have a vertically integrated model where Medcan is responsible for:

  • cultivation of cannabis
  • production and manufacturing of medicinal cannabis products
  • clinic trials
  • patient access to medicine

This business model removes liability and responsibility from CANN Global Ltd to its subsidiary entities.

January 12, 2020: MedCan is listed on GlassDoor as an employer.

General overview out of 31 participants:

  • 22% will recommend to a friend
  • 16% approve of the CEO’s decision
  • 35% of employees leave the company within the first 12 months

A few reviews with MedCan:

  • “Not what you would expect from a company that promotes work/life balance and claims to be leading edge” (in 5 reviews)”
  • “Medcan has become a revolving door and has lost some amazing people” (in 4 reviews)”
  • “Extreme stress and only focused on profit, not patient care.”
Company Information
Type: Manufacturer
Products: CBD and THC Oils
Capacity: 6,500kg per annum (2019)
Opened: 31/08/2016
CEO: Craig Cochran
Employees: 19
Revenue: $3.8M
Phone: 02 8067 8456
Address: Springfield, QLD, 4300

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