Medcan Australia Pty Ltd

Medcan Australia Pty Ltd

MedCan is Queensland's a small medicinal cannabis farm cultivation, importer and producer of CBD and THC oil and CannTab XR pill. They distribute their products to cannabis clinics, pharmacies and patients across Australia.

MedCan Australia is a cannabis company based out of Queensland Australia.

MEDCAN Australia wants to create high quality medical cannabis products at a “fair price”.

They also hold a license to cultivate and manufacture cannabis in Australia.

So what does Australia look for in a medican cannabis company? Experience, Quality and management that will scale-up the company to handle the growing national and international demand.

Will MEDCAN be ready to cater to this demand? Only time will tell, but they have all the right licenses and the perfect location to deliver.

“Medcan Australia currently holds the following Office of Drug Control (ODC), Federal & State licenses making it one of few companies that can Cultivate, Produce and Manufacture Medicinal Cannabis Products”

We avoid incorrect and misleading information for our readers, so we won’t go into too much detail around MEDCAN Australia.

Summary Of MEDCAN Australia

Their mission is to “provide reliable access to patient specific medicinal cannabis products”.

They are based out of Sprinfield, Queensland, 4300. You can contact them for more information at

Medcan was founded in 2016 by Craig Cochrain and applied to the Office of Drug Control ODC to cultivate and produce medicinal cannabis.

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