MEDIFARM is proudly Queensland and Australia's first licensed medicinal cannabis farm cultivator, and medicinal marijuana manufacturer, producer and distributor. Leading Queensland through the great green gold rush.

Medifarm is Sunshine Coast, Queensland’s leading medicinal cannabis cultivator and manufacturer of medical products such as CBD and THC oils. They lead in employing cannabis experts in their multi-million dollar farm facility in Queensland that aims to produce upwards of 4,000kg of dry cannabis each year.

Focusing on cultivating with the genetically superior cannabis species (strains) to produce modern medicinal THC and CBD products for Australia. Within Australia, Medifarm delivers mostly cannabis oil for prescriptions use by doctors in medical clinics or local GP’s depending on your state.

Medifarm operates a large cannabis farm in Sunshine Coast, Australia. Using the perfect environment to grow cannabis, humid and wet, they are looking to compete against other cannabis companies opening up facilities in Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Following a “From Plant To Patient” approach, they are taking control of the cultivation, manufacturing, production and distribution of medicinal cannabis products. This streamlines the process, allows them to maintain high quality assurance processes and makes their products more affordable for patients.

Medifarm is also the only Australian company to think ahead by complying with international Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). Following their international partners, Tikun Olam (Israel), they are following the Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), HACCP & Good Agricultural Practices. Becoming the most trusted quality supplier of medicinal cannabis is critical when dealing with people’s health, and Medifarm is setting the Australian standard for cannabis companies.

MEDIFARM produces medicinal cannabis products such as:

  • Avidekel Oil 3% CBD THC<0.5% (<0.25mg/drop), CBD=3% (1.5mg/drop), CBN<1% (<0.5mg/drop)
  • Avidekel Oil 15% CBD 1:20 THC<1% (<0.5mg/drop), CBD=15% (7.5mg/drop), CBN<1% (<0.5mg/drop)
  • Avidekel Oil 15% CBD 1:6 THC=2.5% (1.25mg/drop), CBD=15% (7.5mg/drop), CBN<1% (<0.5mg/drop)
  • Avidekel Oil 5% CBD 1:6 THC=0.8% (0.4mg/drop), CBD=5% (2.5mg/drop), CBN<1% (<0.5mg/drop)
  • Erez Oil 3% THC THC=3% (1.5mg/drop), CBD<0.5% (<0.25mg/drop), CBN<1% (<0.5mg/drop)
  • Erez Oil 15% THC THC=15% (7.5mg/drop), CBD<1% (<0.5mg/drop), CBN<1% (<0.5mg/drop)

MEDIFARM government licenses for cannabis in Australia:

Company Information
Type: Manufacturer
Products: CBD and THC Oils
Capacity: 4000kg per annum (2019)
Opened: 2016
Founder: Adam Benjamin
Employees: 14
Revenue: $2.8M
Phone: 07 5472 7258
Address: Yandina, Sunshine Coast, QLD, 4556

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