MPX Australia Pty Ltd

MPX Australia Pty Ltd

MPX International is a Canadian company based out of Ontario, Canada with a local Australian branch in Melbourne. They cultivate and manufacture medical-grade cannabis products with the focus of international distribution.

We researched MPX’s presence in Australia, and we found that:

  • MPX has a license to manufacture and cultivate cannabis
  • MPX Australia is a subsidiary of MPX International
  • MPX has a strong presence in Canada, and is expanding internationally
  • Their focus is to secure a place in growing cannabis markets
  • Their cannabis facility will be built in Launceston, Tasmania
  • They will supply Oceania and Asian markets with cannabis

MPX was granted a license to cultivate, manufacture, produce and distribute medicinal cannabis in Australia in November of 2019. This is kickstarted MPX’s plans to build their cannabis facility and start production. They are setting up a facility in Tasmania with the full support of the local government (Launceston council) and Tasmanian state government.

“We chose Australia, and specifically the island state of Tasmania, because of its reputation for producing high-quality organic products using clean energy, the availability of qualified technical staff, and the positive support from local government.” said Scott Boyes, Chairman, CEO of MPX International (Canada)

They are planning to have a 70,000 sq. ft. Building that will allow them to cultivate and grow cannabis indoors. MPX Australia is expecting to pay upwards of AU$4 million to build this facility and an additional AU$3-4 million for the infrastructure and equipment required to cultivate, manufacture and distribute medicinal cannabis.

MPX has a history of growing cannabis in their indoor facilities and on multi-hectare outdoor farms]({:target=”_blank”}. Utilising Tasmania as one of the world’s best environments for the cultivation of cannabis (sun, soil and water), they can produce healthy cannabis for medical use.

Utilising their parent company’s experience, network and cannabis extraction methods, MPX Australia is looking to lead in the production of Cannabis and distribution across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. They are focused on creating the safest and healthiest cannabis plants for medical production - as this is highly sought after in emerging Asian markets. Australian wine, cosmetics and food are highly sought after due to its quality and quality guarantee.

They are expected to start prooduction by mid-2020 in Launceston.

MPX International is expanding its reaches internationally with its facility in Tasmania, Australia and acquisition of Swiss Premium Organic Cannabis Company (Holyweed). The choice to establish themselves in Tasmania and acquiring one of the worlds healthiest organic cannabis companies is a clear indication that they are looking to secure a piece of the international cannabis market as the “healthier choice” of cannabis products.

MPX produces medical cannabis products such as:

  • Dry herb
  • CBD and THC oils
  • Tinctures

MPX licenses from the Australian government:

Company Information
Type: Manufacturer & Importer
Products: CBD and THC Oils
Capacity: 5,000 kg per annum
Opened: 2018
CEO & Co-founder: Scott Boyes
Employees: 30
Revenue: $6M (International)
Phone: 0413 623 362
Address: Melbourne, VIC, 3000

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