Nunyara Pharma Pty Ltd

Nunyara Pharma Pty Ltd

Nunyara, meaning “to be made well again” in indigenous Australian, is a subsidiary of Elixinol Global. Founded in 2014 in anticipation for the legalisation of cannabis, Nunyara is Elixinol’s entry into Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry.

We researched Nunyara’s presence in Australia, and we found that:

  • Nunyara is licensed (ODC: July 2019) to manufacture and cultivate cannabis
  • They have secured land in the Northern Rivers, NSW for cultivation
  • Their parent company, Elixinol, focuses on cannabis products (hemp)
  • Elixinol sold Hemp Foods Australia (HFA) subsidiary to Chinese buyer
  • Elixinol is a Colorado, US-based company
  • As of January 2020, Elixinol has “exited” Nunyara
  • The future existence of Nunyara is questionable

In early 2018, Nunyara and Elixinol were prepared to submit for their license to cultivate and produce medicinal cannabis in Australia. In July of 2019, Nunyara joined the ranks of the other lucky few Australian cannabis companies who were granted a license to produce medicinal marijuana products (CBD and THC).

Nunyara is licensed and ready to manufacture medicinal cannabis products such as tinctures and CBD oil for patients across Australia. Upon receiving the license to produce medicinal cannabis, they had Elixinol approve the capital required to build the cannabis farming facilities.

Since July of 2019, Nunyara has acquired property for AU$2.6 million in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

Nunyara is pushing to become the leader in medicinal cannabis in New South Wales. The majority of cannabis companies licensed to cultivate and produce medicinal products are either under-funded (100% Australian Owned) or are fully or partially controlled by international companies. Elixinol is trying to change that by demonstrating that an Australian company can be diverse and capable of producing a wide range of cannabis products. Nunyara is ready to deliver, and more importantly, prepared to scale to meet the growing international demands for medical cannabis in Asia.

Nunyara licenses from the Australian government:

Company Information
Type: Manufacturer & Importer
Products: CBD and THC Oils
Parent Company: Elixinol Global
Capacity: N/A
Opened: 2014
ex-CEO / CIO: Paul Benhaim
Employees: N/A
Revenue: $4.4m (Elixinol)
Phone: 0416 050 071
Address: PO BOX 20547, World Square, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2002

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