Cannabis Retail and Clinic Jobs

Australia Medicinal Cannabis dispensaries and clinics are everywhere. Today it may be a Medical dispensary and tomorrow it may be a recreational dispensary like Dan Murphies after Cannabis legalisation. Either way, managers for these establishments are highly sought after.

Cannabis Medicinal Clinics and Stores
Cannabis Medicinal Clinics and Stores

Retail & Clinic Jobs Summary

Cannabis Retail and clinics are often one of the most education, influential and potentially profitable areas on the Australian Medicinal Marijuana industry.

Working closely with local and international Cannabis suppliers, pharmacists, health practitioners and the overall industry. Gaining hands on experience with the medical use of Cannabis in Australia and the products themselves.

Retail and clinic jobs include:

  • General Practitioners (GP)
  • Clinic Assistants & Receptionists
  • Pharmacists
  • Managers

Cannabis Retail & Clinic Manager

Managers gain a unique experience as they interact with suppliers, patients, doctors, pharmacists and Cannabis products. One of the most sought after positions in the Cannabis industry within Australia.

Here we break down the responsibilities that a Cannabis Clinic/Store Manager has on a day-to-day basis in Australia. These duties are based on ten different roles at commercial scale Medicinal Cannabis Clinics and Stores in the US, Australia and Canada.

  • Able to manage and produce reports on business, marketing, and health-related data
  • Ability to coordinate and manage staff in different areas, from health to supplies to marketing and sales
  • Provide leadership to ensure the retail operations run smoothly
  • Maintain and execute on all compliancy laws, rules and regulations
  • Producing and enforcing procedures related to the clinic, clients, suppliers and handling of medicinal products.
  • Hiring, managing and scheduling of personnel
  • Attending and representing the company at trade shows and expos

Cannabis Store & Clinic Manager Qualifications

Cannabis Store or Clinic managers are expected to have a degree or diploma in business, marketing, management, human resources or otherwise industry-related education. Minimum of five years of experience with retail management. Leadership experience with managing staff, time management and recording keeping.

Cannabis Store & Clinic Manager Salary and Benefits

Cannabis Store or Clinic managers in Australia usually have a starting salary of $100k. They often receive benefits based on the profitability of the branch they manage. If the Cannabis Clinic or Store have sales that reach $3-5 million, then these bonuses become pretty incentivising.

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