Cannabis Caryophyllene Terpenes: What Does It Do?

Cannabis Caryophyllene Terpenes: What Does It Do?

Cannabis Terpenes are being researched everyday in Australia and the Caryophyllene stands out as one of the most important components in the marijuana plant.

β-Caryophyllene belongs to the Sespuiterpene (consisting of 3 isoprene units with a molecular formula C15H24) family.

Its presence is seen in most of the well-known plants like Cloves, Cinnamon Leaves, Thai Basils, Black Pepper, and Lavender (small quantities).

It has a wood-like, fiery-pepper like, and highly spiced smell, and this is the only terpene family member that can interact with the CB2 system, i.e. endocannabinoid.

Not only β-Caryophyllene has shown peculiar qualities to treat cancer but also exclusively fixes itself to the endocannabinoid receptor system and initiates a physiological response.

Here are some of the important findings from the various studies conducted on Caryophyllene:

  • The Rosenfeld/Fine Pain Study: The studies were conducted by - the oral intake of the combination of the rest of the phytocannabinoids along with CBD and β-Caryophyllene to the deserving candidates showed a very positive response in treating their lingering pain.

  • The Horvath B study: During chemotherapy (anti-cancer treatment) a drug named Cisplatin has to be given to the patient. It may have poisonous effects on the kidneys, which is termed as nephrotoxicity in medical language. When β-Caryophyllene is enrooted through the CB2 receptors, it may act as an excellent therapeutic remedy to subdue the effects of Cisplatin.
  • The Jeena, Liju, et al study: To study its medicinal importance the essential oil was separated from black pepper, which contains Caryophyllene as the primary component Studies proved that high strains of Caryophyllene were very useful in treating neuropathy pain and arthritis.

β-Caryophyllene is also used in chewing gum by mixing it with various other citrus flavourings.

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