Australian Companies Taking on the Cannabis Market

Australian Companies Taking on the Cannabis Market

Australian companies like THC Global are taking on the international Cannabis market. Australian Cannabis companies vs Canadian companies.

How can Australia take on the world’s cannabis market? Will we lead or follow when it comes to medicinal marijuana products?

Since Australia’s legalisation of Medical Cannabis in 2016. We have created over 25 medicinal cannabis companies that produce CBD and THC oil. South Korea, Thailand, Europe and other countries buy Australian medicinal cannabis.

In 2019, Australian Cannabis product choices had a 40% increase that is creating more competitive prices for medical patients. The average daily spending is between $11 to $14 a day for Cannabis patients.

Australia is not one to back down from a business opportunity that has the international marketing giddy with excitement. As each year a new country is legalising the medicinal use of Cannabis in their country, Australian companies are scaling up using three phases:

  • Phase 1) Acquire licensing and setting up local Australian commercial Cannabis facilities
  • Phase 2) Produce and deliver medical-grade Cannabis products to Australian pharmacies
  • Phase 3) Export to the broader Asian market

Research shows that around 250,000 Australian patients are waiting to gain access to medical Marijuana. Initially, Cannabis is being used for more severe illnesses, but in the near-future, CBD and THC oils will be used to treat a wide range of ailments and diseases.

The Australian Cannabis market is poised to reach $2 billion by 2025 and have an industry value of $55 billion. But the real green gold mine lays in Asia’s untapped market as each country slowly legalises the medical use of Cannabis.

THC Global Australia
THC Global Australia

THC Global - A Great Cannabis Example

Companies like THC Global (ASX: THC) has been planning to take on the international Cannabis market with locally grown Australian Cannabis for years.

The main hurdles for Australian Cannabis companies in the medicinal Marijuana industry are licensing, regulatory approvals, the development of the facility and importing talent with the “know-how” that Australia is missing.

THC Global is proud to say that have completed their first batch of “farm to pharmacy” medicinal Marijuana products — coming in with competitive pricing and premium-grade locally grown Australian Cannabis.

The Southport, Queensland, facility is considered to be the largest pharmaceutical extraction facility in the southern hemisphere with the capability of producing 120,000kg of Cannabis biomass annually.

Australian medicinal Cannabis companies like THC Global are aiming to service the global market and turn Australia into more than a premium wine and mineral exporter.

“THC Global has ready-to-go production assets within Australia capable of servicing over 250,000 patients in addition to the global export market, making THC Global a leader in the Australian medicinal cannabis industry, and in prime position to be a global exporter of Australian medicinal cannabis medicines,” said Ken Charteris, chief executive officer of THC Global.

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