Cannabis Market and Business Guide 2020

Cannabis Market and Business Guide 2020

Learn about Australia's Cannabis Market and Business opportunities. Cannabis Place's Business guide for 2020 outlines Cannabis in Australia.

2019 was an exciting year that had Cannabis farms and retail clinics opening up in almost every region in Australia. Our State-By-State research shows that public opinion is shifting away from Cannabis being related to a drug and moving towards Marijuana being a medical and economic benefit to Australia.

Cannabis entrepreneurs and startups are appearing everywhere trying to corner a piece of the market with the Marijuana industry expected to reach $1.2 billion over the next five years.

Everyone is looking at America and Canada to find the best business opportunities, and it shines green after the legalisation of recreational Cannabis in California, Colorado and Washington state.

With the legalisation of Cannabis and further reforms benefiting market entry for businesses, the best opportunities in Australia are:

  • Online and Physical stores
  • Cannabis Medical Products
  • Cannabis Health Clinics
  • Recreational Marijuana Products
  • Cultivation and Production
  • Cannabis (Hemp) Clothing
  • Cannabis Beauty Cosmetics
  • Cannabis Public Relations Firm

The Australia VS American Cannabis Market

Canada and the US legalised medicinal Cannabis in the 1990s and legalised recreational Marijuana in 2013. Australia legalised medicinal Cannabis in 2016 and recreational use of Marijuana in Canberra, ACT legalised in 2020.

The North American Cannabis market is expected to reach $66 billion by 2025, and Australia’s industry is estimated to reach $2-3 billion by this time.

Australia may be slow on the uptake, but it is expected to expand its Cannabis alongside the global trajectory of growth over the next ten years.

While North America corners the international market for medical and recreational use of Cannabis, Australia is still discussing the politics behind the industry. If legalised by 2022, Australia may become Asia’s leading distributor for Cannabis products creating over 50,000 jobs over ten years.

Excited For Cannabis Reform in Australia
Excited For Cannabis Reform in Australia

Why You Should Be Excited About Cannabis in 2020

2020 is a big year for Australia’s Cannabis culture and industry growth with:

  • Over a dozen Cannabis farms opening for business
  • Australian pharmaceutical companies exporting medical Cannabis to South Korea and other Asian countries
  • Canberra, ACT legalising the recreation consumption of Marijuana
  • Potential national 2020 Weed Vote similar to our New Zealand cousins
  • Educational programs to educate doctors on prescribing Cannabis
  • New streamline prescription processes only requiring your local GP and TGA approval

Outside of this, Australia is hosting Medical Cannabis conferences and Cannabis business masterclasses as entrepreneurs and investors are looking into how to prepare for the current medical Cannabis and future recreational legalisation.

The decision to start investing into the medical Cannabis industry is costly vs waiting for the cheaper entry into the recreational Marijuana market after legalisation is a difficult one.

Australia’s Medical Cannabis Council is lobbying government on behalf of the industry to improve patient access to Cannabis and educate on the positive effects of legalisation on local economies.

Politicians are looking to make bolder decisions after the completion of a review into the Narcotic Drugs Act. This review will allow Labour and The Greens to push for more reforms that will make it easier for new Cannabis business to enter the market.

Future of Cannabis in Australia
Future of Cannabis in Australia

The Future of Cannabis in Australia

Traditional media lingers on the term “gateway drug” when it comes to Cannabis. But Australian politicians are leaning on research and evidence of the positive effects of Marijuana in the US.

“Evidence shows that the occasional use of smoking Cannabis is less harmful than smoking Tobacco. Less addictive with Marijuana users, on average, smoking only two or three times a month.” UCSF University

Australia has a history of growing and producing premium grade exports (fruit, wine, beer, medicines, etc.).

Continuing this trend, Australia aims to first replace the importing of products with locally grown “Craft Cannabis”, as seen with the booming “Craft Beer” industry.

Then with the infrastructure in place, Australia will become one of the leading international exporters of premium grade Cannabis products for medical and recreational use.

2020 Australian Medicinal Cannabis Conference (AMCC)

The Australian Medicinal Cannabis Conference is Australia’s largest Cannabis event in 2020. Australia and New Zealand’s connection to the US and Canadian Cannabis cultivators and manufacturers.

Before starting a business or investing in a Cannabis startup, AMCC offers training and education on all aspects of the industry. Australia is in the dark ages of Cannabis, but we are going through a renaissance. For businesses and entrepreneurs looking to make it big in green, this is Australia’s best opportunity to connect with North America and Europe’s Marijuana industry.

Few training and masterclasses on the cultivation and production of Marijuana. Experts in medicinal and recreational Cannabis industry detailing every aspect of the Marijuana industry, including:

  • Best location to open a Cannabis facility
  • Best Cannabis facility design choices (architecture & engineering)
  • Greenhouse operations
  • Economical Cannabis growing systems
  • Domestic and International Supply and Export
  • Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana product standards
  • Oil Extractions and Other THC and CBD chemical harvesting techniques

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