Where Can I Buy Bongs With AfterPay?

Where Can I Buy Bongs With AfterPay?

Find out staff's best picks for bongs that you can buy with AfterPay in Australia. Buy Now and Pay Later for your smoking kits.

Even with Australia being a few steps away from the full legalisation of recreational marijuana, it is still hard to find stores with full payments services like AfterPay.

AfterPay is available for smoking stores and vaporizers, but their rules are strict when it comes to bongs. Unfortunately there are no After Pay stores that sell bongs, but there are alternative “Buy Now, Pay Later” options available.

We are not affiliated with any of these stores, but we hope to give you some different options.

The idea of “Buy Now, Pay Later” is widespread, so you will find a lot of different options available.

You will find stores like Off Ya Tree offer AfterPay, and have since moved their collection of bongs and smoking paraphernalia over to their subsidiary company, The Bong Shop.

The most popular way to buy Bongs and general weed products is through the Bong Shop Australia. They offer “4 payments over the next 4 weeks” for one of Australia’s largest range of glass, acrylic, ceramic and silicone bongs.

This is different than AfterPay as it locks you in for 4 equal installments over a 4 week period. AfterPay allows you to pay this off across 4 installments, but this can be fortnightly and not weekly.

You will find that the majority of online stores selling bongs have limited payment options, such as the Bong Smart store.

A word of caution; most online bong stores sell cheaper products imported from China. If the delivery time-frame is more than 1 week, then its likely being shipped from China directly.

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