How Many Cannabis Plants For Personal Use: ACT

How Many Cannabis Plants For Personal Use: ACT

Know the laws and rules in canberra, ACT for personal cannabis plants. Growing Medical and recreational (personal) cannabis plants use are different.

With Canberra, ACT allowing people to grow marijuana for their personal use, do you know the cannabis limitations for growing?

You can grow marijuana in Canberra, ACT for personal use. Less than four plants may be considered personal use per household or two plants per person in the ACT. It is illegal to grow or harvest cannabis using indoor systems. If caught, you may avoid criminal charges through Drug or Court Diversion.

Canberra is the first region in Australia where you can legally grow up to four plants for personal use.

In every other state, this would be considered illegal and only companies with manufacturing and production licenses can grow and cultivate marijuana.

What Are The Limitation of Growing Cannabis?

In Canberra, the main limitations of growing marijuana or “weed” plants include:

  • you have to grow in outside
  • plants have to be in a safe and secured area
  • restricted access from children and the public
  • limited to four plants per household
  • you cannot sell, distribute or share cannabis clones or seeds
  • you can only grow plants for personal use

One thing to note around how many plants you can grow in Canberra for personal use is that you cannot grow indoors.

Any cannabis plants found growing in-doors, artificially, with grow-tents, lights, etc. are considered illegal.

You are not allowed to share, sell, or distribute your cannabis plant or any of the marijuana or weed that you extract from it.

What Types of Cannabis Plants Can I Grow?

There are no specifics around what types of cannabis plants you can grow, except that they must be for personal use.

As long as you are growing marijuana at your home in a safe and restricted area, you will have no problems.

The law is relatively new and Canberra is considered a test case for Australians wanting to grow and use marijuana for personal and recreational use.

Hopefully in the future the laws will solidify and Australians will be more confident with what they can and can’t do with marijuana in Canberra.


You can grow marijuana plants in Canberra, ACT for personal use as of 2020.

There are restrictions around how many plants you can grow that include:

  1. up to four plants per household
  2. must grow plants outside
  3. you cannot sell or share plants or cannabis extracts
  4. plants must be safe and secure from the public and children

The great news is that Canberra is the first place in Australia that you can legally grow and cultivate weed plants for your personal use.

There are a lot of grey areas in the law around this, but it is the first huge step forward to complete legalisation of cannabis for personal use.

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