Cannabis Seeds Classified As Full Grown Plant in Western Australia

Cannabis Seeds Classified As Full Grown Plant in Western Australia

Is there confusion in WA about the difference between a full grown plant and cannabis seeds? Let's find out!

Are you curious about hemp and all of the potential benefits it has? If so, you may be interested in visiting a hemp farm. Here, you can learn more about this versatile plant and even see it being grown firsthand. Keep reading to find out more about what to expect when you visit a hemp farm.

The field day’s first event will be held in the Denmark Hemp Farm located in Kentdale (around 350 kilometres away away from Perth). Participants will be able to visit the large hemp damage, the hemp paddocks, as well as the processing facilities of the farm.

An official from an official from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) will talk about the requirements for compliance and regulations, and an agronomist who is regenerative will talk about the cultivation of industrial hemp. Brad Skeggs from Denmark Hemp Farm will also discuss his experiences with hemp farming and the business South Coast Hemp Foods.

A field-day event is located in Kentdale (Between Denmark and Walpole) is a large-area hemp cultivation (non irrigation) and hemp seed downstream processing.

We will be hosting field talks starting at 10am. There will be an official from DPIRD providing information on the regulations and requirements for compliance with industrial hemp cultivation .Brad Skeggs will share his experiences growing hemp as well as the development of his hemp online sales business. We will also have an Agronomist who is regenerative discussing the development of circumstances for hemp farming in industrial. The speakers will be on hand to answer any questions that attendees may have.

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