Montu develops a patient-friendly version of the online prescription platform

Montu develops a patient-friendly version of the online prescription platform

A medical cannabis supplier Montu has launched a dedicated for patients version of its platform online in an effort to simplify access to the medicine.

CircuitTM is a single-stop shop where users can control their prescriptions for cannabis through features like refill management and consultation management, as well as visibility of Montu’s products and education for patients. The website is completely customizable and is set to transform the way healthcare is delivered.

In the year 2000, Montu was able to launch CircuitTM to serve as an instrument to allow its entire group that consists of Australian doctors to keep an inventory of the prescriptions they prescribe as well as create repeated prescriptions with the click.

With the launch of the new patient portal that is based on CircuitTM Patients have now access to their very own personal website, which gives them more control over their medication and cannabis-related consultations.

Montu’s cannabis ecosystem is integrated and is leading the way in the field of digital health as well as CircuitTM providing a new dimension to their service. Patients are soon able to login and browse their personalised range of cannabis products that are based on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) classification.

“The Circuit patient portal was an obvious change for Montu since it aligns with our focus on the patient,” says Christopher Strauch, Montu Managing Director. “We have brought together the very best cannabis care and the most advanced infrastructure to ensure the seamless experience of our patients.”

This company that carried out an unprecedented crowdfunding equity raise in the in the year, has widened the scope of its Circuit platform to give patients better control over their treatment.

Circuit was initially introduced to medical professionals in the year 2000 to help Montu’s network Australian doctors to more efficiently manage prescriptions.

The version for consumers was described as it was a “one-stop-shop” where patients are given individual access to refills and consultation management tools and a list of the Montu products and educational materials.

Patients can log into their accounts and browse a customized selection of cannabis products that are based upon their Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) classification.

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