The Cost Of Weed In WA: Marijuana Prices In Perth

The Cost Of Weed In WA: Marijuana Prices In Perth

Perth, Western Australia is one of the most expensive places to buy marijuana in the country. With an ounce of weed costing upwards of $400, it makes buying legal medical weed more attractive than illegal black market marijuana.

Perth has some of Australia’s most expensive everything, and marijuana is no different. Compared to its neighbouring state, South Australia, where you pay only $250 for an ounce of weed, Western Australia has prices reaching above

Note: this article is here to promote and compare the legal price of cannabis with the black-market price of illegal marijuana or weed. We do not encourage the illicit purchasing of cannabis.

A gram of weed from the black market in Perth may cost $20, and legal medical-grade cannabis per gram is an estimated $30. The good news is that the prices of recreational marijuana in Perth is close enough to the price of illegal recreational weed that it encourages more people to go through the legal prescription process.

An ounce of medical-grade cannabis can cost around $800, and for high-quality recreational weed, you may pay betwen $400-500, so the price is close enough to go for the safer and legal option.

Here is a table of prices gathered from our readers, leave comments below if you believe these prices to be lower or higher!

Amount Quality Price
1g (gram) Low $15-20
1g (gram) High $15-25
7g (grams) Low $80-140
7g (grams) High $130-180
14g (grams) Low $260-300
14g (grams) High $29-350
28g (grams) Low $300-400
28g (grams) High $350-450

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