Australia's Trial of Recreational Cannabis

Australia's Trial of Recreational Cannabis

Australia's trial of recreational Cannabis in Australia started in Nimbin and is now growing to Canberra, ACT in 2020.

Nimbin in Australia is known for Mardigrass, Gippies and Alternative lifestyles. But what its actually known for in the Australian government is the “trial of recreational Cannabis”.

International views of Cannabis has changed drastically, and Australians are looking at Hemp and Marijuana as a new economic race. No longer does the green leaf signify hippy lifestyles, but medical, pharmaceuticals and big business.

Recreational Cannabis Trial in Australia Nimbin and Canberra
Recreational Cannabis Trial in Australia Nimbin and Canberra

Australia’s First Trial of Recreational Cannabis

The Cannabis (Hemp and Marijuana) trial of Australia started in 1973 when the Aquarius Festival in NSW attracted people openly smoking Marijuana.

Since then, there has been a social protest to allow the recreational use of Marijuana. Locals state that “violent crime is non-existent compared to Brisbane and Sydney.” Police intervene and make arrests, but Nimbin’s Cannabis and hippie lifestyles doesn’t back down.

Australia’s New Trial of Recreational Cannabis

2020 is a new year and a new region of Australia opening the doors to the recreational use of Marijuana. Come 4:20 PM (420) on January 31, Canberra is going to be the leading city in recreational Cannabis.

Residents over the age of 18 will be allowed to possess up to 50 grams of recreational (dried) Cannabis and possess up to two plants (maximum of four plants per household).

Unfortunately, there will not be any retail stores selling Marijuana on your trip to Canberra, so this still encourages the “black market” sale and use of Cannabis. But these are baby steps towards a full legalisation of Cannabis in Australia.

New Zealand is pushing a national vote (decriminalised) to allow recreational use and sale of Cannabis products that will allow anyone to smoke Marijuana legally. The same smoking laws apply as Tobacco, but there will be Cannabis Cafes and venues open to allow the use of Marijuana to everyone.

Whether you are looking to start a new career in the Cannabis industry by finding job openings or looking for recreational Cannabis treatment for medical purposes, Australia’s future is bright green!

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