Canberra’s Cannabis Laws and Rules in 2020

Canberra’s Cannabis Laws and Rules in 2020

What's changing with the new cannabis laws in Australia? Here's your guide to what you can and can't do with marijuana in Canberra.

I am standing in line waiting to see Canberra’s latest cannabis clinic to open, and I thought “what’s changing with Australia’s new cannabis laws?”

Canberra is legalising marijuana on the 31 January 2020. If you are aged over 18 and in the ACT, you can carry up to 50 grams of dried cannabis. You can possess up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis. Grow up to 2 marijuana plants in your home. You can smoke weed, drink and eat cannabis on private property

In this article, we will cover:

  • What can you do with cannabis in Canberra?
  • What can’t you do with marijuana in Canberra?
  • How can you grow cannabis in Canberra?
  • What happens if I get arrested for cannabis in Canberra?
  • What Can’t You Do With Cannabis In Canberra?

What Can You Do With Cannabis In Canberra?

As of 31 January 2020, Canberra is making groundbreaking changes to drug legislation. The first time that Australians will have the support of government to smoke marijuana in their own homes recreationally.

Here’s what’s so exciting with Canberra’s new cannabis legalisation laws:

Possession Of Cannabis In Canberra

You can carry up to 50 grams of dried cannabis inside out outside your home. Marijuana is typically the flower/bud that is dried and cured over time.

You can have up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis. These are typically recent trimming and extracts of the marijuana flower.

Law enforcement has been educated on the appearance and ability to differentiate fresh and dry cannabis to measure it.

Possession of over 50 grams of dried weed is still illegal and considered “intent to sell”. If the cannabis is still fresh with moisture, then over 150 grams will be regarded as unlawful.

Growing Cannabis In Canberra

Growing Cannabis In Canberra, ACT
Growing Cannabis In Canberra, ACT

You can grow up to two cannabis plants per person for personal use for people over the age of 18.

There is a maximum of four cannabis plants per household. This limit is to ensure that shared households don’t start growing more significant amounts of marijuana that made be produced for distribution.

The ACT government is advising that patients will need to grow their cannabis plants naturally. Artificial indoor growing methods are prohibited.

The biggest question is how Australians in Canberra can start growing Canberra? Where can you buy marijuana seeds in Australia? How do you find indoor and outdoor growing equipment?

Smoking, Eating, and Drinking Cannabis In Canberra

The question everyone is asking is “how will it work when marijuana is legal?”. In short, Australians are allowed to consume cannabis in their homes for personal use.

There will not be any Weed Cafes, marijuana dispensaries or smoke lounges opening up in Canberra.

The main focus on the new legislation is to allow people to consume cannabis in the comfort of their own homes., drinking weed tea or eating cannabis brownies, anything goes in your own home.

What Can’t You Do With Cannabis In Canberra?

Smoking Cannabis In Public
Smoking Cannabis In Public

There is a lot of excitement with what Australians can do with the new cannabis laws, but what can’t you do? There are a lot of restrictions, and the local police are making it clear that some activities are still illegal.

It is illegal to smoke or use cannabis in a public place. So police will consider smoking marijuana in a park or on the street illegal.

Exposing a child or young person under the age of 18 is an offence. A child cannot be within the proximity to get affected by second-hand smoke.

You have to store your cannabis in a safe and secure location away from children. Police will consider it an offence if you leave your cannabis in an easy to reach place, like a coffee table or kitchen counter.

Using artificial cannabis cultivation methods is illegal. This includes hydroponics and other commonly used indoor growing methods. This is disappointing for a lot of hobbyists looking to set up small grow rooms for personal use.

The public cannot access your cannabis plants. It is recommended to plant and grow your plants in the backyard, and they need to be secured by a fence and or gate.

Selling, sharing or giving cannabis as a gift to other people is illegal still illegal in the ACT. Carrying over 50 grams of dried marijuana will be considered intent to sell.

Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in Canberra.

FAQs About Cannabis In Canberra

  • Question: Is Weed Legal In The Act?
  • Answer: Weed has not been legalised in the ACT; it has been decriminalised. The ACT is now encouraging recreational use of cannabis. The ACT has removed the penalties for the possession and use of a personal amount of marijuana.

  • Question: Can I Sell Cannabis?
  • Answer: It is still illegal to sell cannabis or any forms or marijuana in the ACT.

  • Question: Can I Give Cannabis To Someone?
  • Answer: It is still illegal to give and sell cannabis. You cannot gift marijuana to any friends or family. It is an offence to sell or share any cannabis, including plants and seeds with anyone.

  • Question: How Can I Get Cannabis Seeds In Canberra?
  • Answer: It is still illegal to give or receive cannabis plants and seeds. If you have a cannabis plant growing in a secure place on your property, it will not be criminal. There are still grey areas the decriminalisation of cannabis.

  • Question: Can I Smoke Marijuana And Drive?
  • Answer: Drug-driving laws have not changed. Being under the influence of drugs, including cannabis, is illegal. There are no accurate ways to measure the cannabis levels in your system, but it is up to the discretion of the police to charge.

  • Question: Is There Support For Quitting Cannabis?
  • Answer: The ACT’s Health website provides support for cannabis addiction and advises on healthier ways to consume marijuana.

  • Question: Can I Travel To Canberra To Smoke Weed?
  • Answer: Australians in Canberra can smoke with in private. This is restricted to your house and is illegal in public.

  • Question: Can I Bring Cannabis Outside Of The ACT?
  • Answer: Unless you have a medical prescription, you cannot bring cannabis outside of the ACT for personal use. ACT laws on marijuana do not apply to other states.

  • Question: Can I Smoke Or Vape In Public?
  • Answer: No consumption of cannabis is legal in public. You cannot smoke or vape marijuana in Canberra in public.

Learn More About ACT’s New Cannabis Rules

The ACT Government is providing a contact number (information line) for anyone wanting to learn more about the new cannabis laws in Canberra.

You can contact (02) 5124 9977 to discuss the new cannabis laws with the Alcohol and Drug Services.

You can find more information on how cannabis can impact your health on the ACT Health website.


Disclaimer: This topic may represent illegal activity in certain regions. We do not encourage illegal activity. We understand that readers in locations where cannabis has been legalised may read these articles.