Australian Cannabis University

Australian Cannabis University

Australia's first cannabis university is located in New South Wales (NSW), and provides hands-on experience with cannabis cultivation.

Australian Cannabis University (ACU) is a leader in hands-on education. Based out of northern New South Wales, they educate through workshops and courses at their legal low THC cannabis farm.

Founded in 2017, the Australian Cannabis University is a not-for-profit community of legal cannabis advocates.

They offer online courses, a consistent presence at cannabis expos across Australia, and in-person workshops on their legal cannabis farm in NSW.

Compared to other medical cannabis courses, Australian Cannabis University is open to everyday people looking to learn and get involved in the cannabis industry.

Australian Cannabis University Banner
Australian Cannabis University Banner

Unlike other Australian cannabis companies, the ACU group is focused not on profit, but on the promotion of medical cannabis.

They aim to remove any of the archaic negative stigma surrounding the cannabis plant through education based on facts and science.

You can support ACU and the cannabis movement by becoming a member for as little as $1. They aim to build an active community that can influence state and federal government.

If you are looking to find out more about cannabis and experience the plant in person, then the ACU is for you!

Organisation Information
Type: Not-For-Profit
Services: Farm Workshops & Online Courses
Opened: 2017
Dean: Dolph Cooke
Locations: NSW, Australia
Address: Kyogle Rd, Kunghur NSW 2484

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