What is Australia's Bush Weed?

What is Australia's Bush Weed?

Here we take a quick look into Australia's bush weed, and if it compares to any medicinal marijuana products available today.

Australia’s bush weed has been the most common form of marijuana used for personal use, but does it compare to today’s cannabis plants?

Bush weed, marijuana or cannabis is Australia’s version of outdoor growing. Compared to modern indoor or hydro grown marijuana, bush weed is less potent in THC and CBD. Bush weed and growing marijuana is more common in Australia due to our year-long sub-tropical climate.

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What is Bush Weed?


The Bushiest Bush Weed
The Bushiest Bush Weed

Bush weed is pretty straightforward. It’s the form of marijuana or weed plants that grow outdoors.

The term “bush weed” is generally more negative due to its weaker than other indoor and hydroponic weed.

Compared to America and Europe, Australia has some of the world’s best bush weed due to our year-long sunny days and a sub-tropical climate.

Bush weed is generally grown naturally in the outback on conservations, in forests, or on more significant properties.

The downside to growing bush weed outdoors include:

  • cannot control the environment
  • potential sun damage
  • insects and bugs
  • heat damage during summer

It’s easier to grow Indica and Sativa bush weed as long as you have the right setup outdoors.

Should I Grow Bush or Hydro?

One main point that a lot of people miss is that Australians in Canberra can grow bush weed, but can’t grow artificial weed (hydro).

Hydro is favoured to grow the most potent marijuana plants due to their controlled environment that allows you to perfect the growing process.

However, Bush weed can still grow marijuana that is potent in THC and CBD, but its harder to produce consistent results.

If you have the perfect bush weed strain, the right area to grow, and a “go get ‘em” attitude, then you could easily out-compete hydro marijuana in potency.


We hear many people talking about bush weed and the good ol’ days when weed was pure and simple.

The truth is that bush weed is the same as hydro, but it’s grown naturally in the sun and Australia’s soils.

You can grow potent bush weed that can compete with even the best hydro, but its harder to control the environment.

The first legal cannabis in Australia is bush weed, and people in Canberra can grow outdoors.

Who knows? Maybe we will see a revolution in bush weed from Canberra, and people will start to switch.

Until then, weed is weed, and as long as its grown right, you won’t have a problem.

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