How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In

How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In

Cannabis (Weed, Marijuana, etc.) edibles are becoming more popular in Australia, but how long do they take to kick in? The time it takes for edibles to work is different for everyone.

Since the legalization of marijuana in many countries, edibles based on cannabis and weeds are gradually gaining popularity. These edibles containing CBD and/or THC are available in different forms including brownies to gummies.

The effect of these edibles can differ with each product. Edibles containing only CBD are considered risk-free as they are also used to treat chronic pain and anxiety.

Edibles containing THC can make you feel intense high for a longer time than smoking it. But many people, normally beginners, want to know how long do edibles take to kick in.

The information provided in this write-up will help you to know more about cannabis edibles, how long edibles can take to work, and different effects of edibles on different people, etc.

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What are cannabis edibles?

A food product that is infused with various forms of cannabis including THC and/or CBD is known as cannabis edible. These edibles infused with cannabis can be a food to eat or a liquid to drink. Most of thee edibles can make various types of effects on your body like euphoria, relaxation, fatigue, anxiety and increased appetite, etc. because of the considerable amount of THC in them.

Edibles containing THC in higher amounts can be used for medical as well as recreational purposes.

However, certain edibles that contain low to the negligible quantity of THC but are dominated by other cannabinoids like CBD are mainly used for medical purposes only as they do not have a ‘high’ effect.

How long does it take for cannabis edibles to work?

Though it is not easy to know how long do edibles take to kick in still they take 30-60 minutes to show their effect. The time taken by the edibles to start working in your body can depend upon various factors including.

The ingredients in the edibles: The effect of an edible can be faster if it includes a high dose of THC. However, a high dose of CBD does not make any high as it is not a psychoactive ingredient.

The location it is absorbed in your body: Edibles start showing their effect as soon as they are broken down and absorbed in your bloodstream.

Edibles Absorbed Sublingually

Certain cannabis edibles like gum, lollipops, and lozenges, etc. can kick in faster because they are not swallowed but are absorbed sublingually. The mucus membranes of your mouth under your tongue absorb these edibles.

They show their effect faster due to their absorption through your sublingual region.

Edibles Absorbed Through Your Digestive System

Certain chewable edibles take longer to kick in because they are absorbed gradually through your digestive system. These chewable edibles may include cookies, brownies, and gummies, etc.

All these edibles are first absorbed in your digestive tract then active cannabis in them is absorbed by your bloodstream to reach your liver.

Your liver metabolizes these active ingredients before they are released into your bloodstream. Then they show their effect after your blood enters your brain.

Other factors that can affect the kicking in time of cannabis edibles may include your metabolism, diet, weight, tolerance to cannabis and sex, etc.

Your physical structure and habits can also affect the time taken by the edibles to kick in.

Many people try to take another dose of cannabis edibles soon after the first dose as active ingredients take some time to kick in.

It can increase your dose considerably high which can be harmful to you. In such a situation, it is recommended that before taking the second dose you should wait for at least 24 hours.

Do edibles work faster on different people?

The effect of edibles is different for different people because everybody is unique.

In some cases, they may kick-in in less than 30 minutes whereas for others it may take more than 3 hours.

It depends upon various factors including physical fitness, sex, diet, and weight of the consumer.

The effectiveness of edibles also depends on the reasons for which you are using them.

Some people use edibles for the purpose of recreation and for this reason they may take a higher dose to get a stronger high for a long time. But if you are consuming edibles for medical reasons then you may have to wait for some longer time to experience their effect.

So, the effectiveness of edibles can also depend upon the symptoms and condition of the person consuming them as a medicine you cannot consume them for a long time. However, edibles can kick in faster for some people in certain specific conditions like:

The Different Ways Of Taking Edibles

Cannabis edibles work differently depending on how you take it.

The most common way to take edibles is by eating them in the form of gummies, brownies, cookies, and more. These take a long time to kick in, but if you have them on an empty stomach, it can work a lot faster.

Let’s jump into the different edible types and how long they take to kick in.

Eating Cannabis Edibles On An Empty Stomach

An edible can surely effect faster when it is consumed empty stomach.

The main reason behind it is that there is nothing else for your digestive system to process than the edibles you have consumed.

But it can be dangerous for beginners to consume edibles empty stomach as they may not be able to control the high provided by them. So it is recommended for the beginners to start slow with small amounts of edibles to be used to it.

Taking Cannabis as Tinctures

If you do not want to involve your digestive system to consume edibles then you can also consume them orally in the form of a tincture. It will kick in faster just by putting a few drops of tincture under your tongue.

This method can help you in getting its effect for a short duration by controlling its dosage effectively.

Drinking Cannabis Infused Drinks

Though an infused drink has to go through your digestive system like a brownie to show its effect still you can expect faster results with a liquid infused with cannabis. Such drinks you can take with you while traveling to enjoy their effect on the go.


So how long do edibles take to kick in depends on various factors?

It can be the amount of cannabis in edibles, as well as habits, physical fitness, sex, and overall health of the user. How long do edibles take to work also depends upon the purpose of consuming it?

If you are a weed user and want to consume edibles for recreational purposes then it can give faster results due to a higher dose. On the other hand, the effect will be slow if consumed unlimited amounts as a medicine.

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