Already Vaped Bud (AVB) Guide

Already Vaped Bud (AVB) Guide

Is it safe to use already vaped bud (AVB)? Learn about AVB weed and how you can reuse it to make oil, tinctures, cannabis

If you have ever tried to vape marijuana, then you’ll notice the leftover bud inside of the vaporising chamber. Unlike smoking where we weed burns away, you are left with an already vaped bud that can be used!

  • Commonly referred to as “Already Been Vaped” (ABV) or “Already Vaped Bud” (AVB) is the leftover cannabis bud found in the vaping chamber
  • You can spot AVB as it has a distinct brownish colour and a completely different smell.
  • AVB weed doesn’t need to be thrown out. You can use it to make oil, butter, tinctures and more.
  • You can smoke AVB marijuana, but it will have a rough, bitter taste.
  • Already Vaped Bud has already been decarboxylated, so you can easily use it in ingredients to get the full high effects.

Read on as we cover all the different aspects of AVB in Australia including:

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What is Already Vaped Bud (ABV or AVB)?

What does Already Vaped Bud look like?
What does Already Vaped Bud look like?

Cannabis buds that have been vaped are called “Already Vaped Bud” (AVB) or “Already Been Vaped” (ABV).

Most people think that Already Vaped Bud is useless after being vaped as it loses its green colour and rich, fresh smell.

The good news is that even after you vape weed, some of the cannabinoids and terpenes survive and can be re-used.

You extract the majority of the THC contents of your cannabis when vaping, but the little that remains can be repurposed as an ingredient in food recipes, oils, butter, tinctures and more.

Conclusion:: What is Already Vaped Bud?

Already Vaped Bud (AVB) is the cannabis bud that has been vaped. It will have a brownish colour, a bitter taste and AVB emits a more subtle weed smell.

How Much THC & CBD Is In AVB?

When you vape cannabis, you will extract that majority of its THC and CBD content, but there is still some leftover.

CBD and CBN require higher temperatures than THC to be fully activated and extracted while vaping. This means that most, but not all of the THC will be vaped off.

The resulting amounts of THC, CBD and CBN are more balanced. This makes AVB highs a lot more relaxed and mellow than fresh bud with higher levels of THC.

Conclusion: How much THC & CBD is in AVB?

When you vape marijuana buds, you will extract the majority of THC and CBD. THC has a lower boiling point than CBD or CBN, so the THC levels will drop more dramatically than CBD or CBN.

AVB weed will have a more evenly balanced amount of THC, CBD and CBN. This will be noticed when consuming it as the high is a lot milder and more mellow than a fresh THC intensive bud.

Can You Smoke AVB?

Can you smoke already vaped bud?
Can you smoke already vaped bud?

A lot of people are asking whether or not you can smoke vaped weed (AVB), and the answer is “yes”, you can!

You lose some of the taste and intense high, but you will get the most out of your already vaped bud.

The amount of THC, CBD and CBN is balanced and even making it more suitable for medicinal purposes.

The typical brown colour of vaped cannabis (AVB) is not especially attractive, but it has all the right cannabis properties to be smoke.

If you are new to vaping cannabis), you can control the heat temperature to get the bud to a nice yellowish brown colour before stopping. This doesn’t ‘overcook’ the bud and allows for higher levels of THC to remain.

Try vaping the cannabis bud between 170 to 190 degrees (Celsius). This will retain a lot of the cannabis properties like THC, CBD and CBN that you can then appreciate later when smoking.

Conclusion: Can you light up and smoke AVB weed?

You can smoke your already vaped bud! After vaping, the weed will lose a lot of its THC resulting in a mild body high that’s more relaxing.

Already Vaped Bud (AVB) has a yellowish-brown colour, minimal smells and a bitter taste. But the high is still there, so people keep on smoking.

You can imagine it like having a black coffee. A bit bitter and dark, but it gives you the caffeine boost you needed!

Some people prefer it as its cheap, still gives a functional high that is effective and reducing anxiety.

Is It Dangerous To Use AVB?

Switching from smoking to vaping cannabis keeps you safe from the harmful toxic components that have long-term negative effects.

With that being said, is it more dangerous or harmful to smoke AVB than it is to smoke fresh weed?

Vaping cannabis will activate the cannabis compounds (THC, CBD, etc.) and extracts that while you inhale. Unlike smoking, there are no combustion toxins during this process.

This makes AVB almost the same as cannabis bud heated up in the oven at 180 degrees for a few minutes.

This makes Already Vaped Bud safe enough to be used as a cooking ingredient, and it should have the same risks associated with smoking fresh weed.

Conclusion: Is it more dangerous to smoke AVB than it is to smoke fresh marijuana buds?

The vaping process for weed is relatively harmful and similar to baking your buds in the oven for a few minutes.

This makes AVB safe enough to use as an ingredient in an edibles recipe, and the same for smoking.

Smoking AVB will produce the same combustion toxins that fresh weed will. Its much safer to turn AVB into tea, oils, or tinctures that can be taken without toxins.

Best Uses Of AVB

You can use AVB weed on everything, so it ends up to your preference. The most popular use of vaped marijuana buds is to turn them into edibles and tinctures.

Fresh marijuana buds need heat to be eaten, vaped or smoked as it is not decarboxylated. This means that you won’t get high if you just bite into weed buds.

Already Vaped Buds (AVB) have gone through the decarboxylated process in the vaporiser. This makes AVB ready to be used in any ingredients with little to no effort.

The downside to adding AVB weed onto your pizza or pasta is the bitter and rough taste.

Dissolving AVB into oils or fats is the best way to extract the remaining cannabis compounds. This can then be reused as a tasty ingredient in edibles, drinks or a simple oil.


Making edibles from Already Vaped Bud?
Making edibles from Already Vaped Bud?

Vaping is just a using a heating element and suction to extract all the goodness of cannabis. This is following the same decarboxylation process that activates cannabis compounds, including THC, to give you an excellent high effect.

Without using heat to create a decarboxylation effect, your weed buds will not get you high.

Most popular heat fresh marijuana buds in oil and some others bake them slow in the oven, but the result is the same decarboxylation process the readies your weed for consumption.

When vaping weed, you skip these extra decarboxylation steps and are ready to mix your AVB with your preferred oil or fats.

Take your AVB grinds and simmer in oil or butter and after two to three hours, you will have a potent cannabis ingredient for cooking edibles.

Read more about making edibles in Australia here!


Curing Already Vaped Bud with water?
Curing Already Vaped Bud with water?

Curing is the process of removing any strong smells or tastes that come with AVB.

Curing is especially popular for AVB cannabis when you want to enhance the good taste and smell while reducing the intense bitter flavours.

The curing process takes four to eight days and includes:

  1. Take 7 or more grams of AVB weed and put it in a cheesecloth. These end up looking like a teabag full of cannabis.
  2. Submerge your AVB cheesecloth teabag in freshwater.
  3. Check back every day to see if the water is becoming darker, dirtier and murkier. Replace the murky water with fresh water.
  4. Pre-heat an oven to 90–95ºC and prepare a baking tray to have the water-cured AVB placed on
  5. After the four to eight days are finished, you spread your fresh-water AVB weed out on a baking tray that will be put into the oven for two hours. Make sure to check on them every twenty or so minutes to see if they are over-drying.

The result is water-cured AVB weed with the bitter taste and smell removed. You can then used this AVB weed in any edibles cooking.


Making tinctures with Already Vaped Bud?
Making tinctures with Already Vaped Bud?

Cannabis tinctures, are the most popular way of taking marijuana in Australia.

Rather than smoking or vaping in public, it’s easier to take a few drops of cannabis tinctures under your tongue. It only takes a few seconds to take effect and is a quiet and subtle way of getting high.

Now that you’re sold on the convenient use of tinctures, how can we make cannabis tinctures from AVB weed?

To make tinctures, you will require a bottle of vodka, 7 or more grams of AVB cannabis, and follow these includes:

  1. Put your AVB weed into the vodka. A mason jar or something similar is the best.
  2. A few times a day, shake the jar gently to make sure the contents are being moved around
  3. You can complete this in a few hours, but we recommend two to four days to get the best AVB tincture. Once ready, strain the ingredients through a cheesecloth, strain the contents (sieve) and store the liquid in a dark bottle away from the sun.
  4. A few drops under your tongue and you can receive the full high effects of CBD and THC from your AVB weed

There are many different variations in the tincture making process, but the above is the simplest. Remember that vodka is 90 proof alcohol, so be careful as it is flammable.

Conclusion: Already Vaped Bud (AVB)

We now know that Already Vaped Bud is the yellowish-brown remains of cannabis that has been vaped. It’s pretty standard for people to throw this out, but you can actually re-use AVB bud.

Vaping weed is the same as lightly baking buds to achieve the decarboxylation process that brings out the psychoactive components found in edibles and oils that gets us high.

When you look at AVB weed, you would think that there’s nothing left, but a lot of the CBD and CBN compounds remain due to their higher heat resistance. THC has a lower boiling point, so its the first compound to get vaped out.

It does not add to the already existing dangers of smoking weed, so a lot of people will smoke the already vaped bud (AVB). The main downside is the strong bitter taste that is a big turn-off for most.

Next to this, you can easily turn already vaped bud (AVB) into oil or butter (fats) and then re-used in a cooking recipe. You can skip the decarboxylation process of baking the weed at 90 degrees over a few hours, as your vaping device already did this for you.

Most people prefer to cure AVB cannabis after it goes through a water-based curing process. You wrap the AVB in cheesecloth, so it looks like a teabag and soaks it in water. After a few days and few swapping out the dirty water for fresh clean water, you will lightly bake the weed for two hours to dry it.

The result is a much better tasting weed that can be used to smoke or turned into edibles or tinctures.

Let us know your favourite uses for AVB weed. Do you smoke it right after vaping, or save it up to make oil or butter?

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